New features in Windows 10 v1803 April 2018 Update

Windows 10 Spring Creator Update version 1803 now called the April 2018 Update is all set to hit your machines. Not just new name but there are many other features and fixes coming with this update. After being in the testing stage for quite some time now, the updated version 1803 is now ready to release. It will be launched out in stages like the earlier versions.

While the update will be rolled out sometime around the mid of April, there is already a huge buzz about the latest features and updates coming with this version. The April Update is also bringing in some important functionality improvements and security fixes.

The update includes some changes in Edge, Privacy Settings, List App, Cortana Notebook, Settings app, Nearby Share and much more.

Windows 10 April Update

Windows 10 v1803 April 2018 Update features

So, let’s take a quick look at what all the new version has in store-

Fluent Design and new Timeline

First things first. The latest version of the operating system is bringing a new design termed as Fluent Design. It is more modern and fluid than Metro which replaced the classic Windows 7 design. Focussing more on the motion and light, the new Fluent Design has more highlight effects and layers. New Timeline indeed is one of the most talked about new feature in this update V1803. Though we already have the Task View feature in Windows 10 where we can check all the running apps, now with the new Timeline, you can check the apps you were working previously.

All your activities will be listed day-wise/ hour-wise, and you can scroll down to check all your earlier activities. If you select a particular day, you can then check the activities hour-wise. You can also clear all your activity logs from a particular day or hour.


Microsoft’s default browser Edge gets many new features with the latest update including the autofill cards, developer toolbar, enhanced reading view, clutter-free printing, improved hub view, etc. Every time you fill a web form in Edge, the browser will prompt to save the information and let you use it as your Autofill Card. To get a clutter-free printout, you have to enable the clutter free option in the print dialog.

Microsoft Edge full-screen mode will also display the address bar, and the improved Hub View will now display more content. You will also be able to run Edge in InPrivate Mode and Mute audio for individual tabs.

Cloud Clipboard

This is one of the most interesting features updated in the latest version of Windows 10. You can now copy and paste things between all your connected devices. As it is cloud clipboard, you can use it on your phone on the Windows PC.


Cortana, your virtual assistant, will be more personalized now. A new feature named Cortana Collection which lets Cortana learn more things about you and help you accordingly. You can select your favorite restaurants, books, TV shows, etc. and put them into the Organizer. Cortana Notebook also has a new look with this version.

New Fonts

The latest version brings many new changes to the Settings menu including Fonts, Telemetry Data, File Access, Language Settings and Password Recovery. The new settings let you experience some new fonts and colors plus it also allows you to download more fonts from the Microsoft Store.

Diagnostic Data

The new Privacy Settings in the Spring Creator Version lets you check and delete your data collected by Microsoft and its apps. Furthermore, you can now have more control over the apps you use. You can now select if you want the Microsoft Apps to access your files, like your pictures, documents, etc.

Focus Assist

Focus Assist is another interesting feature added in this version. With these settings, you can now focus more on your work without getting distracted by the notifications. Select the time and schedule a few Quiet Hours on your machine when you will not get any notifications. Also, you can select a few apps and important contacts you want the notifications from.

Language Settings

There are also changes in the language settings where you can download more languages from the Microsoft Store and some new features added in the speech recognition, text-to-speech, etc.

Password Recovery

Your PC will be more secure with the new password recovery tool added in the latest version of Windows. It lets you add the security questions to your account so that you can retrieve your lost password easily.

Startup Tasks

There is also a new Startup Tasks option added in the settings menu which lets you control the apps that run with the Startup. You do not need to open the task manager to control the apps anymore.

Some other miscellaneous changes and features include-

  • Colored Command Prompt
  • Windows Defender Application Guard and Ultimate Performance power scheme for Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows Hello setup improvements
  • App volume and device preferences option in sound settings
  • New keyboard settings page
  • Option to share data between two devices wirelessly without using Bluetooth
  • Drag and drop option in My People
  • Improved gaming experience with HDR functionality
  • The narrator in Safe Mode
  • Easier navigation with eye control improvements.
  • Quick pairing for Bluetooth devices.
  • Emoji type improvements
  • Redesigned Game Bar
  • Redesigned Windows Defender settings
  • Edit option for the Snipping Tool in Paint 3D
  • Data usage on ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Work folders on demand
  • Native UNIX sockets

While the upcoming April Update is bringing numerous new features and bug fixes, there are also some features that have been deprecated or discontinued. All of the features mentioned above were noticed in various Redstone Builds and are expected to appear in the final release.

Let’s wait for the official launch of April Update and check what all it has for us.

Here is a list of features that have been removed in Windows 10 v1803 April 2018 Update.

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  1. Stan Hood

    When will it be out.

  2. GoneFishing

    Second paragraph above is a hint…just saying.

  3. Russ Soule

    why can’t they leave well enough alone? don’t need or use most of that junk. and it all uses up CPU as well as harddrive. what they REALLY REQUIRE is the ability to tell them to “bug off” and stop screwing around with my system.

  4. M Rankin

    It’s actually a very good update
    I’ve been testing it on a very low in tablet intel atom z3735f/ 2GB
    it’s more polished, if you use edge or any app that uses edge API it’s miles better
    Than FCU, you have about the same amount of space, you can always delete the old installation FCU after updated

  5. M Rankin

    Will start rolling on the 10th

  6. M Rankin

    i was referring to Mobile
    But not I’m quite sure about any of these being right on for desktop side

  7. M Rankin

    32/64 bit will both benefit from the improvements.
    Yes this includes edge, the windows shell improvement,battery life,Windows defender, consistent fluent design, update game bar, improvements to windows updates/ Limiting download bandwidth that is used in the foreground.
    near share, timeline etc. not really seeing why hostility.

  8. Juan Figueroa

    Too bad the update release was halted due numerous bugs that need to be addressed, but in the other hand it (or should) not come with problems at final release if they correct all the bugs.

  9. TBT

    I now have 4 win 10 machines. 2 64 bit and 2 32 bit. The 64 bit machines have taken up to 18 hours to complete not including 2 failures more than half way through apiece. I hate this crap, I just want to do my finances, emails, maps and google items.

    Thanks MS for NO CONTROL!!!!

  10. Russ Soule

    have 5 machines, 3 desktops and 2 laptps. every one has to be changed after those “people” load their inane crapola back onto my systems after I have removed it. every one has to be modified from their stupid 11am update time (who the heck wants an 2 hour update during the middle of the workday?). one of my desktops has a fan problem and requires F1 to be pressed when booting up, so the darned update doesn’t even COMPLETE on an over-nite schedule. MS is becoming more and more like Symantic and the other companies it has absorbed – complete and utter disregard for its customers.

  11. Nam vet 2


  12. James


    AMD RYZEN 11 – 16 CORE 32 Threads CPU @ 6.0 GHz and ^ 64 Gigabytes of DDR 5 RAM and 16 gigfarts of 4k Backward Compatible MRSP Video Card.
    INTEL i7 / hE’S 8 /sHE’S 9 – 4 BILLION CORES/ 32 THREADS OR YARN CPU……. (you get what i mean)

    Keeping the market ??? and your wallet 🙁

  13. James

    And I forgot to mention…………………………..wait until it becomes stable.
    because right now as with all versions of Windows, the first to grab it are always the Guinea pigs.
    You see Microsoft will not open an airport size hanger computer testing facility to test it on every computer model and 3rd party software vendor program – NO!
    As with all their platforms since win95 they will fix it on the fly.
    patch here, patch there, security patches everywhere.
    I beta tested XP, I know about patches.
    It took Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium to make Windows XP
    and Windows Xp and Windows (flop) Vista to make Windows 7
    and Windows 10 is just Windows 7 with phone apps.
    As I told my clients when they wanted to be the first with Windows Vista…..GOOD LUCK!

  14. No mention of 280 character Tweets.

  15. gar-dian ?????????????

    It’s still broken.

  16. Roman Melihhov

    It’s actually very good update

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