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  1. Windows 10 suck’s in alot of way’s !!!!
    The Mail app is a perfect example of suckagry. It fail’s to sync any Gmail account’s after the first time. This has been going on since the first Windows 10 Developer Preeview was released. It’s not that Microsoft isn’t aware of this, as their are numerous post’s about it on the Insider Hub.
    Gee, Microsoft really doesn’t give a shit about our feedback.
    They killed Windows Media Center off and gave us the Movies & TV app. Funny how the Movies & TV app can’t recognize or use our tv tuner’s or cable card tv tuner’s to watch or record tv that we already pay our provider’s for.
    File History is slow as molasses in Windows 10.
    While we’re talking about backup’s, Microsoft really need’s to drop the Windows 7 naming in the system image, etc., as it confuses most people that aren’t technically inclined.
    Theey also really need to start testing their update’s more thoroughly, as most have been buggy for the past year.
    It truly seem’s like Microsoft fired the wrong people and promoted the wrong people.
    Joe Belfiorre should be in charge of the o.s. division.

  2. This app still messes up my inboxes. It don’t syncs correct, especially the Trash folder, it displays the messages not correct, it don’t syncs back to the server.
    Only using it with Outlook accounts, so it should work like a native app, but don’t.
    This is still – this misbehavior lasts now for 1,5 years – a very bad app.

  3. WHY can you not turn the reading pane to Horizontal, like most ‘normal’ email apps? (Outlook, Mailbird, Postbox, etc.)

  4. Can anyone tell me how to empty the trash/deleted folder. The only way I can find is the delete every individual message. That can’t be right is it?

  5. you can select a deleted message and then hold down the keyboard delete button and it will rapidly delete them all

  6. sorry for my English i am from Belgium.
    What you tell here is also my problem.
    What i do to clear trash and to sync the sub inboxes is just get out of the new mail…… edge and in the search bar just type gmail or Hotmail……it opens again your emailsaccount whitout setting your mail and pasword and there is your mail back with everything and you can clear trash just thesame as before. very strange but so it’ works …..hope you have somthing with this.
    Regards Koen ,,,ps my wife discoverd it hahahahah .

  7. When I reply to an email using W_10 mail app, the reply is NOT send. Some later I receive a message that my mail wasm]n’t sent and is in çoncepts’. Am I the only one?

  8. what about spam filters and I don’t even have a trash file, no idea where these deleted emails are going.

  9. I have a problem with no way to add contcts in, I acant remember all my contacts and I don’t see how to put them in can anyone help me with this

  10. I can not find no new Mail app. I still see Windows Live Mail tho and it has a flaw that I can not get fixed to work right. I click to work offline and it resorts back to work online by itself. That’s the only issue I have with Windows Live Mail.

  11. no mail groups, no html signature, no folders. Hm it is very obvious microsoft wants you to use “in the cloud” or paid software. I think Microsoft is on the wrong way.

  12. The mail app automatically keeps on opening multiple times… This results in hanging of the computer and no other app can thus run smoothly… How to fix this??

  13. Exactly… Same happens when you change the default app of mail to something other as well… Then that app keeps on opening continuously and prevents all other apps from opening.. What should we do??

  14. How do you change the format of emails listed in the inbox view?

    I want each message to be ONE line of info … ‘from’ ‘subject’ ‘date’ … all in one line across like we had in every previous generation of Outlook and Windows Live Mail, not to mention most web-based mail interfaces.

    And I hate that preview / reading pane garbage. I’ve been using email clients for over 2 decades now and have NEVER once appreciated those stupid preview/reading panes. They suck, they waste space, they are inefficient and interfere with reasonable management of my emails. When I choose an email to read, I want it to open in a completely separate window, not in a stupid little flyout screen that uses up half of my client window.

  15. This is driving me nuts as well, I always turn the preview pane off. I would also like the list to be in order from oldest to newest, with oldest at the top so I am reading them in order.

  16. I feel your pain. I like Windows 10 as an OS, but the newish ‘Metro’ apps are almost all complete garbage on a desktop PC as opposed to a tablet … maybe on a tablet those apps may have some saving grace, but that doesn’t help me here and now. I just want actual PC applications that actually work properly and are fully functional and user-configurable just like 99% of the PC applications I’ve been using for over 20 years. MS is trying to push users onto the new garbage, and I’m either going to have to switch to a non-Microsoft email client entirely or (heavens forbid) bite the bullet and pay for a full installation of Office so I can have Outlook at home. I sure hope MS hasn’t effed up Office in the latest iteration … my work still uses Office 2010.

  17. Hello

    I’m usually use Mozilla thunderbird as Mail application

    Since I’ve two new machine installed with Windows 10 I’m trying to figure out if the native Mail application in Windows 10 can be a good alternative

    For now my feeling is mostly negative

    – I didn’t find any way to create Mail folder and organize my Mail

    – No way to create mail rules

    I can’t believe that Windows 10 mail is so “primitive”

    I look around on internet to find solution

    I’ve found this

    Organize e-mail using rules and folders

    But it does not work on my version of mail, no “File menu”

    Is Mail on windows 10 really so “bad” ?

    Thanks for any help

  18. The mail app is pure and utter garbage.
    The signature function is rubbish, as it doesn’t allow for images.
    There is no easy way to get the mail out of the mail app and into something else.
    It mess up the inboxes.
    You don’t get a unified inbox.
    Very poor organization functions.
    It will probably work for someone who receive a mail once a leap year…

  19. Run, do not walk away fro the mail app. Thunderburd is a proper mail client. Windows 10 mail is rubbish.

  20. Trying to use Outlook App from Windows 10 in a corporate ( Exchange ) environment. I have managed to establish the account and I can view all of my folders etc but two failures at the moment. Firstly the Signature option is very crude and basic and I would like to learn how to add a full signature, similar to what I may achieve in a full blown version of Outlook ( WYSIWG editor, as such). Also I need to be able to view other corporate email accounts to which I have delegation, but I cannot find a method. Any suggestions / advice would be appreciated. Regards

  21. I have the same question as Sarah has … I need to add a logo to my signature.
    Can any one help with this?
    Also, I need help in changing my font style and color and set as default.

  22. Yup, this is a complete joke of an application. I think I’ll stick with Thunderbird, which, while it freezes a lot (!), at least has a LOT of flexibility. Maybe I’ll give Outlook another try, last time I tried it was VERY sluggish with Gmail/IMAP.

  23. My issue is I don’t want nor did I sign up for a load of SPAM from MICROSOFT. I don’t even use this email account, I only have it because I cant sign in without it.

  24. Windos 10.—– I am trying it out: it’s pure, unadulterated garbage designed to make us all beholden to Microsoft, so that at some time in the near future, we’ll have to püay them a monthly fee to Keep working. It’s shocking: I’ll Keep this stupid PC for another 6 months, and then I am migrating to Apple. Or Linux.
    Good bye Microsoft. Here’s a parting ord of advice: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  25. I’ve tried for a dozen hours to get this awful Windows 10 Mail program to work. After just a few hours I was able to get the account created but it won’t download from Comcast not matter what I try. Funny thing…. Microsoft’s own website says “click the Tools menu, and then click Options”. Guess what… THERE ISN’T A TOOLS MENU!!!!

    There aren’t any tabs either. Either they don’t exist at all or they’re very well hidden.

    Why can’t it be intuitive like Outlook Express was? Microsoft laid an egg on this one.

  26. When I try to empty junk mail folder I get the following error:
    “the junk folder couldnt be emptied. It’s possible that your username or password is incorrect, or that your email server isnt configured to allow this folder to be emptied”

  27. The fact that you can’t disable the mail preview makes this app too risky to use for anything meaningful.

  28. “Backup email using Mail app
    You can save or backup email messages as follows. Open the email and then click on the 3-dotted Actions menu in the top right corner and click on the Save as link.” DOES NOT WORK. I HATE THIS MAIL APP

  29. Still waiting on the ability to mark messages as spam. Guess I’ll just keep using the actual services rather than this POS.

  30. Is there a way to turn off the annoying flyover URL stuff that comes up in mail when you flyover a link in your mail text?

  31. My problem is I need an auto save for read mail. I get so much email, I don’t have time to individually save each one. I need a setting that just does it. Windows Live Mail does. They shouldn’t have dropped support for it.

  32. I am missing the background picuure pane (reading Pane onmy Windows 10 Mail on my new Lenovo Laptop. Its been there for the past five months and then, suddently, overnight, it disappeared. How do I restore this Pane so I can see the BG picture and/or preview my emails?

  33. I am in need of reverting back to windows 10 before update on Sept 12th, via a MS tech who told me I would NOT lose any personal data. Well, they left me during the download and I said no problem. WELL, since I am reverting, it means I will lose ALL data. So, I have been up all night putting all my stuff on my onedrive because I have no other choice at this moment. I searched and search for how to backup a copy of my saved E-mails. I found this. I can say Save as is working for me, but do you mean to tell me I have to do EVERY SINGLE E-mail one by one?!?! I have 1,638 saved E-mails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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