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How to convert a file to PDF with CutePDF for Windows 10

Converting documents or any file to PDF is easier than it has ever due to the number of tools available for such a purpose. Even Microsoft Word is capable of converting documents to PDF, but that’s not what we’re going […]

5 Surface Pen alternatives for Microsoft Surface devices

One accessory that is considered quite essential for exploiting the full potential of Microsoft Surface devices is Surface Pen. It is an incredible writing implement for the hardware it supports, but its growing pricing problem keeps many interested buyers away. […]

Rise of Nations won’t run on Windows 10

If you are a lover of real-time strategy video games, then chances are you must have heard of Rise of Nations, a game that was released a long time ago by Big Huge Games for Windows and published by Microsoft. […]

How to enable and use Xbox Action for Google Assistant

How to enable and use Xbox Action for Google Assistant

Controlling devices with voice is the new thing when it comes to the IoT. The growth of smart speakers brings in to the scope of voice controlling appliances is growing too. With this, Microsoft has announced support for Xbox Action […]

Switch Mouse

How to change Left & Right mouse buttons on Windows 10 PC

It’s quite a norm that all computer mouse devices are ergonomically designed for right-handed users. But there are mouse devices available which are specially designed for the left-handed populace or the ones which can be used by either hand. Before […]

How to become a YouTube Influencer

How to become an Influencer on YouTube

It’s not easy to become an Influencer. It might look easy and sounds fun, but it asks for a lot. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, becoming an influencer requires one basic thing, and that is dedication. You can […]

Scroll bar missing in Chrome on Windows 10

If the scroll bar missing is missing in the Chrome browser, it becomes almost impossible to scroll down the web page and view its content. Normally, it lies hidden in the corner and becomes visible when you point the mouse […]

Social media influencer

How to use Facebook to become a Social Media Influencer

Are you passionate about a particular hobby or a field? Do you love sharing your DIY craft ideas with people around you? If you can create content which is exciting and can connect with people, you too can be internet […]

How to set up OneDrive Personal Vault

Microsoft rolled out a new integrated OneDrive functionality called Personal Vault to add an extra layer of security to your confidential files. In this post, we will show you how to set up and use OneDrive Personal Vault to protect […]

Facebook images not loading

Facebook images not loading? Try these working fixes!

A common issue reported by Facebook users is Facebook images are not loading. This problem is equally common with all desktop browsers and mobile apps. While many users have reported it on the Facebook and other forums, nothing much has […]

How to clear Cache in Google Drive and Google Docs

Clearing the cache in Google Drive and Google Docs does not harm your data. So, it is 100% safe to remove it if you experience trouble in accessing your files. However, before proceeding it is essential that you sync any […]

Avoid PayPal Scams

How to detect and avoid PayPal Scams

Whether you want to kick-start an online business or want to do safe online shopping, PayPal unquestionably is one of the most secure and convenient platforms. Since its inception, PayPal has endured being the de-facto ways to send/receive money online. […]

Free Mind Mapping Tools

Best free Mind Mapping software for Windows 10

Mind Mapping is a creative exercise which starts when you pen down that one big idea or theme. This big idea is like the trunk of a tree, each new idea is a new branch, and each sub-idea is a […]

No Incognito Mode Chrome

No Incognito Mode in Chrome in Windows 10

Chrome, just like any other browsers, offers private browsing or the Incognito Mode. You can use this mode to make sure you are not being tracked by websites you visit and also keep targetted advertisements away. However, if you sign-in […]

How to use Facebook Payments to send and receive money

The mobile payments system is fast gaining acceptance among masses. So, in an attempt to better optimize its outreach to people, Facebook launched a service to send and receive payments digitally, called Facebook Payments. What is so special about Facebook […]

How to add a hyperlink to an image in Gmail messages

If you use your Gmail account for sending deal-related emails to your customers, you can add hyperlinks in image in Gmail. This is a very efficient way to get more clicks for affiliate marketing since people try to open pictures […]