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Cannot download antivirus software

Cannot download or install antivirus software on Windows 10

If you cannot download or install any antivirus software or the Microsoft Safety Scanner, it is quite possible that your Windows 10/8/7 computer might be infected with malware, which is blocking the download of any security software. Cannot download antivirus […]

How do I add a Trusted Site in Windows 10

If you trust a website but find that some of the functionalities of that site are not working, maybe due to the high security settings of your computer, you can make an exception by adding the site to the Trusted […]

What is App & Browser Control in Windows 10 and how to hide it

The App & Browser Control in Windows Security on Windows 10 lists the options that are available for Windows Defender SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a feature that can protect your device from potentially dangerous downloads, websites or files. In this post, […]

Device Security in Windows 10

What is Device Security in Windows 10 and how to hide this area?

Windows Defender has now been integrated with Windows Security and it includes a Device Security section in Windows 10, which is meant to give you better insights into the security features integrated with your Windows device. In this post, we will explain […]