Windows 10 v1809 removed or deprecated features

Windows 10 v1809 removed or deprecated features list

Every time a major of Windows 10 is released, some of the features are removed. Either those features lose their importance because of the introduction of new features or are just not useful because of new technology. Microsoft is due […]

origin error loading webpage

Fix Origin Error when loading webpage

While this is a very uncommon error message to receive, you may see a blank page with a message ‘Origin Error‘ when you try to load a webpage. Here are some potential fixes that may help you. I tried a […]

Skype login

How to buy Skype Credit

Microsoft’s Skype offers voice and video over IP services (VoIP). This enables seamless communication and lets you make free computer-to-computer calls. You can also leverage its services to make regular landline and mobile calls, though at an affordable cost via […]



When a CPU generates a trap or an exception, and the operating system kernel is not able to catch that particular trap, it gives out an annoying Blue Screen with the error message UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP. The error code for this […]

Windows is unable to run Automatic Maintenance

Windows is unable to run Automatic Maintenance

Windows comes with an inbuilt Automatic Maintenance feature which takes care of important tasks like security updating and scanning, Windows software updates, Disk Defragmentation, Disk Volume Errors, System Diagnostics, etc. If you receive an error which says ‘Windows is unable to run […]

Change default Tab closing behavior in Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox browser by default switches to next tab when you close the current tab. This default behavior is not preferred by users who have multiple tabs opened and would want to access the last tab after closing the current […]

Switch out of S mode in Windows 10

How to switch out of S mode in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S mode for better security, but it restricted to only using apps from Store. The good news is that there is no charge if you want to leave S mode. So if you want to install […]

Password Spray attack

Password Spray Attack Definition and Defending yourself

The two most common used methods to gain access to unauthorized accounts are (a) Brute Force Attack, and (b) Password Spray Attack. We have explained Brute Force Attacks earlier. This article focuses on Password Spray Attack – what it is […]

Fix Error Code 105 in Google Chrome

Error Code 105 ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in Google Chrome

When browsing through the internet if you receive an error which says Error 105 (net:: ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address, it means that DNS lookup has failed. This is one of most common error code you […]


Fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Another annoying Blue Screen error is BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. This error is occurred due to an issue with the usbhub.sys, winusb.sys or usbport.sys system driver file. This indicates that an error has occurred in a universal serial bus (USB) driver. Now, this driver is issued by […]

Alt1: Open Source scientific Calculator for Windows.

The Calculator is the most basic tool included in all of the devices these days, but computers were originally developed to perform complex calculations. In this post, we are going to talk about a tool which does nothing different. Alt1 […]

error 0x80070057

How to fix error 0x80070057 on Windows 10

If you receive error 0x80070057 on Windows 10 when using Windows Update, Installing or Upgrading Windows 10, running Windows Backup, etc., then you will see this error code when one or more arguments are not valid. You will see this […]


Fix fltmgr.sys Blue Screen on Windows 10

Filter Manager file or fltmgr.sys is responsible for making sure that all the file that is stored in a user’s hard drive stay in their respective locations. The Blue Screen error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) is caused due to an […]

Surface Pro Camera not working

Fix Surface Pro or Surface Book Camera not working

There are many who would use their laptop camera for an online meeting or live streaming or maybe just call their loved ones to for celebration, and if that camera stops working, there is much of trouble. If Surface Pro […]