custom hotkeys Windows 10

HotKeyz lets you create custom Windows 10 Hotkeys

Windows 10 comes with tons of keyboard shortcuts that you can use daily. However, if you need something more, which allows you to create your custom hotkeys, then today, we have free software. LeoMoon HotKeyz will enable you to create […]

How to use OneDrive app’s Camera Upload feature in Windows 10

OneDrive, the Microsoft proprietary cloud storage service, allows you to save your important/sensitive files, documents, photos, etc., for posterity or just for safekeeping. And with OneDrive Personal Vault, you can add an additional layer of security. In this blog post, […]

Public Wi-Fi Login Page

Public Wi-Fi Login Page not showing in Windows 10

If you happen to visit Airports, Hotels, Shopping Malls, or Coffee places recurrently, then you might have used the public Wi-Fi’s available at these places. These public Wi-Fi’s are normally of two types – Paid and Free, but they have […]

Bad_Module_Info error on Windows 10

Bad_Module_Info has stopped working on Windows 10

Games are known to be heavy on the system. Some of them crash themselves, and some crash the system when they don’t get enough resources to launch and play. One such case is with the error bad_module_info error on Windows […]

How to convert a file to PDF with CutePDF for Windows 10

Converting documents or any file to PDF is easier than it has ever due to the number of tools available for such a purpose. Even Microsoft Word is capable of converting documents to PDF, but that’s not what we’re going […]

How do I delete a Virtual Drive in Windows 10

Virtual Drives in Windows 10 have functions, similar to external hard drives, and they can be used for various purposes. However, once their purpose is served, they may no longer be required. In such cases, you may want to delete […]

Windows 10 does not connect to WiFi on startup - make it automatically connect

Windows 10 does not connect to WiFi on startup

Once you configure WiFi connection on your Windows 10 laptop or a desktop with a WiFi adapter, it is expected that it will automatically connect the next time. However, if you are noticing that Windows 10 does not connect to […]

5 Surface Pen alternatives for Microsoft Surface devices

One accessory that is considered quite essential for exploiting the full potential of Microsoft Surface devices is Surface Pen. It is an incredible writing implement for the hardware it supports, but its growing pricing problem keeps many interested buyers away. […]

How to import Photos from SD Card to a Windows 10 PC

Importing pictures from a digital card enables you to share them readily with your friends or colleagues. But if you are not aware of the transferring process, you’ll find it quite troublesome. Here’s a handbook offering step-by-step instructions to import […]

Windows Push Notifications User Service has stopped working

Windows Push Notifications User Service has stopped working

Sometimes, when you start your PC, Windows 10 throws up an error message bearing the following description – Windows Push Notifications User Service has stopped working or The Windows Push Notifications User Service terminated unexpectedly. If you face this issue, […]

Error 0x800F081F while installing .NET Framework on Windows 10

The .NET Framework is a software development platform developed by Microsoft. The framework was meant to create applications, which would run on the Windows Platform. There are many 3rd party software programs that require the .NET Framework installed in Windows. […]