Microsoft Store keeps updating the same apps

Microsoft Store keeps updating the same apps in Windows 10

The built-in Microsoft Store is a marketplace for downloading apps. The Microsoft Store app in Windows 10 helps you download or update your apps. But at the time it may not work properly due to a damaged Windows Store Cache. […]

How to install a Wireless Printer on Windows 10 PC

How to connect a Wireless Printer to Windows 10 PC

Wired printers have their charm and are usually easy to set up. You don’t need to be around the printer if you are connected on the same network. In this post, we will show you how you can install and […]

boot into firmware

How to boot Windows into UEFI or BIOS firmware

Many a time you need to reboot into the computer firmware, i.e., UEFI or BIOS. If your hardware keys are failing to boot you into BIOS or UEFI, you will need to do this. In this post, I will share […]

What is Google Advanced Protection Program and how it works?

Downloads can be risky, but if the browser guarantees protection against risky downloads, there is no need to worry. Google Advanced Protection Program promises to protect people from malware aimed at Chrome. It was noted that cybercriminals were shifting their […]

Xbox Ambassador Dashboard

How to become an Xbox Ambassador & What it means?

Xbox Ambassador is a community program from Microsoft which allows Xbox enthusiasts to participate and help others having problem with Xbox. It is similar to Microsoft’s MVP program, but it’s more social than anything else. The group is made of […]

Calibre eBook management software, works great with Kindle

Books available in digital form are becoming more popular. But it is an E-book manager that adds the real value to your reading habit, especially if you own a large catalog of eBooks. The likeliness of managing and organizing your […]

Difference Between UPS & Inverter - Which is better?

Difference Between UPS & Inverter – Which is better?

It’s annoying when the power goes out all of a sudden, and you lose work. While power cuts have reduced, having a UPS or Inverter is still a good idea. I am writing this post for those who are confused if they […]

How to block a program from accessing the internet using ProgCop

Blocking applications from going online is something that is possible by default in Windows 10 via the Windows Firewall software. While you can allow or block a program using the Windows Firewall, using free tools like OneClickFirewall or ProgCap makes […]

Use 3D Builder app

How to use 3D Builder app in Windows 10

In the past few years, Microsoft had been big when it comes to 3D and Mixed Reality. The 3D Builder app from Microsoft is one such classic example which allows one to build, view, personalize, and print 3D models. There […]

How to add audio to Google Slides

Google Slides is leading free presentation software from the internet giant that allows you to display information in slide show and easily collaborate with your audience. It is a popular alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software because of its affordability, […]


How to use Yammer effectively – Beginners Guide

Yammer is a group communication tool from Microsoft which one can use to set up a social network for any company. In this guide, I will share some beginners tips to guide you to set up and then use Yammer. […]

Fix Windows Firewall and third party firewall are turned off error

Windows Firewall and third party Firewall are both turned off

Windows 10 ships with Windows Firewall out of the box and at the same time allows you to install and run a third-party Firewall too. These firewalls work independently to block suspicious actions on your computer. But after installing Windows […]

How to read Kindle books on PC

How to read Kindle books on PC with or without app

Amazon Kindle is an eBook readers’ favorite. Any reader who happens to be a fan favorite of digital periodicals or e-books would already have owned a kindle tablet or an e-ink device. Kindle device is for every reader who wants […]

Protocol negotiation failed TeamViewer

Protocol negotiation failed error for TeamViewer

TeamViewer can help us connect to a remote computer. But sometimes when someone tries to connect to a remote computer, it throws out the Protocol Negotiation Failed error message. The error states, Protocol Negotiation Failed. Please try again. This error occurs […]