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PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

When it comes to making a slideshow, Microsoft PowerPoint tops the list every time. However, if you do not have Office subscription and you want to make a simple image slideshow for school or office project, you can check out […]

Manage or Stop Windows 10 Update using WAU Manager

Windows Update has evolved with time, and now there are plenty of features that give more control to the end-user. We have seen functions like pausing Updates, making sure it takes user permission, deferring updates, and even delaying Feature Updates […]

Free Garageband alternatives for Windows 10 PC

Garageband is one of the must-have apps on Apple iOS for those who are interested in creating music, but sadly, the tool is not available on Windows 10 at this time. Well, it is available, but one has to run […]

Hourglass is a free desktop countdown timer for Windows 10

If you are looking to download a free desktop countdown timer for Windows 10/8/7, you can check out Hourglass. This free software lets you set the timer in various ways. This article will show you all the features, options, etc. […]

WifiMouse turns your Phone into a wireless mouse

These days most people prefer using a wireless mouse & keyboard rather than a wired one. If for some reason, your existing keyboard and mouse are not working correctly, you can temporarily use a software called WifiMouse which will help […]

Microsoft Minesweeper

Best free Minesweeper Games for Windows 10

Minesweeper brings memories back. We miss those inbuilt video games from the past. Maybe that’s the only thing we miss about the computers of the previous generation. The internet has everything today. So, why should memories be left behind? Free […]

Outlook download all emails

How to make Outlook download all emails from server

Unwanted emails can take up a large space of your computer memory. To avoid this, Microsoft offers a parameter in Microsoft Outlook that determines how much mails should be available for download on your local PC. So, if your mail […]

Stellar Repair for Video

How to repair corrupt videos on Windows 10 PC

Are your important videos not playing properly? Have they become corrupted? Video corruption can occur in any video file stored in the camera, computer, SD card, or other media. It becomes irritable when the videos are unplayable. Whether you are […]

Eqonomize: Personal accounting software for Windows 10

Managing one’s personal finance is a very important task, and technology has always aided us in doing so. There are numerous mobile apps, web services that let you maintain your personal finances. But the tool that we have reviewed in […]

Uphill Jeep Rally

Best free Mountain Sports games for Windows 10 PC

Mountain sports is an extreme adventure. Not everybody wants to risk their life doing something crazy. But we all want to experience how it feels. Realistic virtual mountain sports games are the perfect getaway. You can have your cake and […]

5 Free Mail Servers for Windows 10

A Mail Server is an online postman which carries your messages from your computer to the recipient’s personal computer within a second. If you are looking to install a dedicated mail server on your Windows computer to set up an […]