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Best free Twitter clients for Windows 10

Twitter is clearly the most important social media website after Facebook. It helps us stay updated with the statements of celebrities and politicians. Imagine how wonderful an experience it would be to be able to use Twitter as a client […]

Best free PDF Voice Readers for Windows 10

PDF Voice Readers are handy for the users as they have the ability to read out texts into voices, and moreover, they can even read out the voice format files to the users. If you search on the Internet, you […]

Free Spam Filters & Spam Blockers for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is pretty solid when it comes down to blocking spam messages. Users can perform several changes to make their inbox much safer than ever. However, there will come a time when spam or junk emails will definitely slip […]

Smart Disk Cleanup

Best free Secure Delete software for Windows 10

A lot of free data recovery software are available in the market. If you wonder how they are able to recover your data easily, the answer is that the data wasn’t deleted from your system at all. When you empty […]

eToolz includes all the Network tools you want for Windows 10

If you want to check the ping status of your current internet connection, Whois details of a domain or IP, analyze website header, etc., you can use this free software called eToolz. This portable software includes several network-related functionalities so […]

How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on Windows using Altus

WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyday communication with friends, family, colleagues, etc. If you spend most of the time with your computer, and you have multiple WhatsApp accounts, you can check out this free software called Altus. Altus […]