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How to calculate Median in Excel

The median represents a value that separates the higher half from the lower half of a data sample. Microsoft Excel has a function that allows you to calculate the Median easily. Let’s see how to do median calculation in Excel. […]

Data Visualizer Add-In for Excel

How to use Data Visualizer Add-In for Excel

Microsoft Excel is great for numbers, certainly, it does this job really well. But, if you are looking to present your data in an attractive manner that allows you to easily visualize and analyze it, then this amazing product may […]

0x8004010F, Outlook data file cannot be accessed

Error 0x8004010F, Outlook data file cannot be accessed

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most extensively used email clients. It is used by many business organizations as well as independent and naïve users. If you are an MS Outlook user, then it is undeniable that you might have […]

Add Email to Safe Senders List Outlook

How to add someone to Safe Senders List in Outlook

Outlook, both the online version and desktop version offer inbuilt protection from spam emails. However, it’s not without false positives. Many a time I have noticed that email from a person which you have replied gets into Spam or Junk. […]

Office App Windows 10

Let us take a look at the Office App in Windows 10

When using Microsoft Office, one of the biggest challenges is to view all your recently accessed documents in one place. It can be a Word document you were working on or a presentation you accessed on your email. On top […]

How to convert old Word document to new Word format

Microsoft Office apps are designed to completely satisfy the present user requirements. So, if you are looking for a way to convert old Word documents into the latest Word format, it’s possible. Follow the instructions given below to change old […]

Fix WINWORD.EXE errors in Office applications on Windows 10

WINWORD.EXE is the Microsoft Word process listed in the Task Manager. Other Office applications may also rely on the WINWORD.EXE process. Sometimes Windows 10 displays error messages regarding corrupted or missing WINWORD.EXE file. Corrupted or nonexistent WINWORD.EXEe file can, therefore, […]

Clear the Clipboard

How to clear the Clipboard in Excel, Word or PowerPoint

Many users search for a method to clear the Clipboard from Microsoft Office applications but rarely come across something useful. If you are interested in knowing how to clear the Clipboard in Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, […]

Excel Formulas

How to define, use and delete names in Excel formulas

Defining and using names in Formulas in Excel can make it easier for you and to understand data. Besides, it also serves as a more efficient way to manage the various processes that you create in your worksheets. So, in […]

Unable to access Microsoft Whiteboard app_Windows10

Microsoft Whiteboard not working in Windows 10

A number of users have reported that their Microsoft Whiteboard application doesn’t work anymore when they try to access the Whiteboard app of their company in Office 365. Some users also have reported that the app was working fine and […]

How to insert a watermark in Word document

The faint or washed-out text that appears in the background of your content is a watermark. Its purpose is to mark authenticity of the maker. Office applications like Microsoft Word allows you to insert a watermark in its documents and […]

The following products cannot be installed at the same time

The following products cannot be installed at the same time Office 365 error

Some users, when trying to install Office 365, may receive the following error message: Office, We can’t install – The following product(s) can’t be installed at the same time. It could be for O365ProPlusRetail, O365BusinessRetail, O365HomePremRetail, HomeBusinessRetail, ProfessionalRetail, or any […]