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run Windows Updates from Command Line

How to run Windows Updates from Command Line in Windows 10

Windows Update is one of the most highlighted features of Windows 10. Because with the release of Windows 10, Windows was offered to the customers as a service rather than a product. Under the scenario of Software as a Service, […]

Fix Slow loading Downloads folder in Windows 10

Do you face this issue where Downloads or any other library folder opens slow as compared to other folders? This is a common problem and is faced by users even if they are using the latest hardware like SSDs. If […]

How to disable Windows taskbar on the second display

Do you have a dual monitor setup and you usually use the second screen for presenting something? In case you are presenting something, the Taskbar is completely unnecessary and is not required. Even if you are generally using your computer […]


Fix Win32kbase.sys BSOD error on Windows 10

There are a number of Blue Screen of Death errors that you might have encountered, and we have covered a number of errors and their fixes too. There are some error codes that are the same for different system files. […]


Fix Winload.efi file missing error on Windows 10

Winload.efi is an EFI or Extensible Firmware Interface file. These files are executable files for the firmware of the computers that are based mainly on UEFI and execute the tasks of loading the files to the bootloader of the computer. These […]


The ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY Blue Screen has an error code 0x000000BE. This error occurs when you try to boot into Windows. There are various causes for the errors. Some of them are an error in a device driver, some hardware issues or […]

8007001F - 0x3000D

Fix Windows Upgrade Error Code 8007001F – 0x3000D

When upgrading, if the Windows Setup fails with Error Code 8007001F – 0x3000D, then technically it means that there is a problem with the user profile migration on the computer. The exact cause in technical terms is: The installation failed in […]

athwbx.sys error

Fix athwbx.sys Blue Screen error on Windows 10

The Qualcomm Atheros driver file athwbx.sys is known to cause several Blue Screen errors. This happens if it gets corrupted or when the OS is not able to access it. Bad sectors on the hard disk or the RAM might […]

Install RSAT as Optional Feature in Windows 10

How to install Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 10

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 is a collection of programs for IT pro. It helps to manage Servers from a Windows 10 computer. Starting with Windows 10 v1809 aka October 2018 update, one needs to Install Remote Server Administration […]

How to fix Tcpip.sys Blue Screen Error on Windows computer

The Tcpip.sys Blue Screen of Death error is among the more common of Blue Screen errors. The Tcpip.sys is a driver file is associated with the Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol and you could get this Blue Screen error […]

Video Playback Settings Windows 10

Video Playback Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers native support for UWP  and third-party apps, for example, Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu, to utilize the video platform that’s built into Windows. With the available Video Playback Settings, Windows 10 users can configure how streaming content will be […]

How to find product key in Windows 10

How to find Product Key in Windows 10

When you buy a copy of Windows 10, you get a product key. This key is used to activate Windows on your computer.  It’s a  25-character product key, and it’s important that you keep it noted somewhere. When you switch […]