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windows 10 update stuck on checking for updates

Windows 10 Checking for updates taking forever

While Windows 10 updates have smoothened over the years, there are still many scenarios where the update gets stuck. Windows regularly check for an update or when you click the button. But if your Windows 10 update is stuck and […]


FIX bootrec /FixBoot Access is denied error on Windows 10

The bootrec /FixBoot Access is denied error mostly occurs while fixing boot related issues inside Command Prompt. It is related to the Boot Manager. There are some other causes for this issue too, but it usually revolves around the notion […]

use Narrator in Windows 10

How to use Narrator in Windows 10

Windows 10, just like its predecessor, offers Narrator feature. The feature helps those in need of aid with vision, hearing, or dexterity impairments. It can help elders or those who have dexterity and mobility impairments by birth. In this guide, […]

System Restore stuck or hung up

System Restore stuck or hung up in Windows 10

If System Restore stuck or hung up on Initializing restoring the Registry in Windows 10, then here’s what you need to do to get out of the mess. The first advice in case of System Restore taking a long time […]

Run Shell script files from Command Prompt

How to run .sh or Shell Script file in Windows 10

Shell Scripts or .SH files are like batch files of Windows which can be executed in Linux or Unix. It is possible to run .sh or Shell Script file in Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux. In this post, […]

How to uninstall Movies and TV App in Windows 10

If I have to name one app that is useless on Windows, then its the Movies and TV App. Microsoft used to have Premium Video service and thats where the app used to come handy. Its not there anymore. So, […]

Windows Sandbox not loading, opening or working

If your Windows Sandbox has not been loading, opening or working and throwing out various error codes like 0x80070057, 0x800706d9, 0x80070002, 0x80070569, 0x80072746, and 0xc0370106. Then this post may be able to help you. The error code 0x80070002 given two […]

Location services greyed out in Windows 10

Location services greyed out in Windows 10

Location services on Windows 10 are sometimes reported to be greyed out automatically either by the Operating System or due to the presence of some third-party software. Due to this glitch, the user is not able to toggle their Location […]

Taskbar not visible on remote computer when accessed using RDP

Taskbar not visible in Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Some users have been reporting not being able to see the taskbar when connecting to a computer via RDP. The Remote Desktop Connection feature makes the use of RDP (or Remote Desktop Protocol) for the user to access a remote […]

What is SLAT? How to enable Second Level Address Translation in BIOS?

SLAT or Second Level Address Translation is a technology that works with Hyper-V. It is supported by both Intel and AMD processors. It is called Extended Page Table (EPT) in Intel processors and Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI) in the AMD processors. In this post we […]

Windows Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106

Windows Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106

When running Windows Sandbox if you receive the following error message, Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106, The virtual machine or container exited unexpectedly, then this post will help you. This error is caused due to the supporting virtualization […]

Sound delay occurs on Windows 10

Sound delays, lags and audio latency in Windows 10

Almost every action in Windows 10 is followed by a sound, especially on laptops. Now, what if you are experiencing a noticeable delay in that sound? I am not talking about a delay of a minute, but noticeable which could […]