Website is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts

In case any proxy settings or third-party add-ons are interfering with your system’s internet connection, you might encounter the error Website is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts upon running the Network Adapter troubleshooter. Website is online but isn’t […]

Rename options in the WINKEY + X menu

How to rename items in the Win+X menu of Windows 10

The WINKEY + X shortcut context menu is a great medium to launch various utilities like Power Options, Windows PowerShell, and more. However, sometimes, it becomes difficult for a user to identify the required utility. And it is a part […]

Best free Email Backup software for Windows 10

Most business owners understand the importance of securing emails. Some email servers cannot carry more than a certain quantum of emails. In other cases emails might not be secure on the server, thus making it necessary to download them to […]

Camera is not recognized on Quik app for desktop

Camera is not recognized on GoPro’s Quik app for desktop

GoPro is a popular small-sized camera used mainly for adventure photography. You can create a complete work out GoPro footages in your Windows computer as well using GoPro’s Quik app for desktop. To view and edit the camera contents on […]


Best apps for Freelancers and Professionals for Windows 10

As a freelancer, I spent most of my time on the computer. While freelancing offers freedom, I depended more on my computer for growth, entertainment, and interaction. Thus, I thought of compiling this list of apps for Freelancers on Windows […]

Cannot save media from Microsoft Photos app

Cannot save media from Microsoft Photos app on Windows 10

Microsoft Photos App allows you to view, edit, and also create videos. While it works fine, if you cannot save media from Microsoft Photos app after having an edited image, then it’s because of the permission issue. But some users […]

No hypervisor was found. Please enable hypervisor support

No hypervisor was found, Please enable hypervisor support

Users have reported that while trying to launch the Sandbox feature in Windows 10, they encounter the error No hypervisor was found, Please enable hypervisor support. This prevents them from using the Sandbox feature. No hypervisor was found, Please enable […]

Best Kodi addons & extensions for Chrome & Firefox

Kodi is a popular streaming app particularly meant for home entertainment. It is an open source software designed to run all types of content like videos and music on all the devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and even Raspberry […]

Uninstall Microsoft News App via Start

How to uninstall Microsoft News App in Windows 10

Every day is an essential part of everyone’s life. If you always use a Windows 10 laptop or desktop, Microsoft News is an excellent source of daily news and the breaking news which needs your attention. However, as always, many […]

How to change default font in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft Office, a few years back changed the font size and style to Calibri. While it was a good decision, there are always some users who do not like the defaults and need a change. They like to choose a […]

Can’t establish a secure connection with Google Play Music error

Can’t establish a secure connection – Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app allows users to download music directly to the music library of the application. Google Play Music is available both as a website and desktop app. However, the app has limited functionality. Some users have reported […]

Xbox One S turns on then off after just a few seconds

The Xbox One S is the second-best version of Microsoft video game console behind the Xbox One X. It’s affordable, and comes packed with a bunch of features even non-gamers will find pleasing. That doesn’t mean the system is perfect […]

uninstall Weather App

How to uninstall Weather App in Windows 10

Weather is one of the favorite topics to start a conversation with almost everyone. Windows 10 offers a preinstalled Weather app which offers local weather, forecast, temperature gradient, historical data, multiple locations, and so on.  However, if you are not […]

How to add Restart Start Menu to Context Menu on Desktop

Windows 10 v1903 Update introduced several new features and enhancements. One of the under the hood changes is the separation of the Start Menu from the Explorer process. It is now an independent process. This process can be seen in […]

Free Email Clients for Windows 10

Best Free Email Clients for Windows 10 PC

At this age of the internet, email overload has become routine. On an average receiving ten-twenty emails is a no big deal, and on top, many have multiple email accounts. When you have multiple email accounts, the need for an […]

OneDrive not saving Word documents – This is not a valid file name

OneDrive is Microsoft’s consumer cloud storage platform where users can save almost whatever they like. One would suspect its primarily used to save photos and documents, especially documents. Apparently, saving Word documents to OneDrive can be a problem, and well, […]