How to change Printer Port in Windows 10 the easy way

There might come a time when your printer will stop working out of nowhere, and you’ll be surprised at this. Don’t be because these things are common in Windows 10, and for most cases, the printer itself is just fine. […]

Better ways to manage & control Volume in Windows 10

In the early days of Windows, users had limited options when it came down to controlling sound. Such problems are no longer the case and with Windows 10 because we have several tools at our disposal. When it comes down to […]

What is Microsoft AU Daemon process? Should you disable it?

We hear of many Microsoft Office users wanting to what is Microsoft AU Daemon, and whether or not if this tool will affect their Windows 10 or Mac computer system. This is not something that usually makes itself known to regular […]

Windows Calculator

Best free Calculator apps for Windows 10

While the in-built Windows 10 Calculator is excellent, it definitely isn’t the best option. If you need a simple calculator for simple calculations, the in-built calculator would be a pretty good option. However, third-party apps are easier to use and […]

How to migrate Minecraft PC data to another account

There might come a time when you feel the need to transfer your Minecraft account to another. This s highly important because Minecraft is a popular game, and most players will prefer to preserve their account rather than walk away […]

Change User Password from Computer Management

How can Admin change another User’s password in Windows 10

In a multi-user environment, it’s not surprising if other users ask the administrator of the computer to change their password. They could have forgotten, or the account is locked or anything else. In this post, we will share how, as […]

What is lossless Audio compression

What is Lossy and Lossless Audio compression?

Data Compression is one of the most important components of this world driven by petabytes of data daily. We, as humans are generating data every second. For walking to running, from eating to drinking, our devices are monitoring our data […]

Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp source not working properly (Code 52)

Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source not working properly (Code 52)

Recently, some Windows 10 users with Bluetooth devices have been experiencing some problems. The issue comes up with an error that says- Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software […]

ToDo.Txt is a text-based program to manage your Tasks

Organizing your tasks in a list can certainly increase your productivity and help you stay focused. Life today is so fast and hectic that we often forget some of our important chores, and using a good todo list program is […]

Xbox One keeps turning itself Off or On

Xbox One keeps turning itself Off or On

Your Xbox One is turning off by itself, and you are wondering what is going on?! This shouldn’t be happening at all, yet it is, so that’s a problem. You might be wondering if you’re being hacked. Well, no, but […]

How to remove Send feedback button in the new Microsoft Edge

How to remove Send feedback button in the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is always keen to work according to user feedback. Since the introduction of Windows 10, every Microsoft product and service has been getting a feature where a user can send feedback using a dedicated button. It comes in applications […]

Bluetooth Headset disconnected but appears in Sound Devices

Owning a Bluetooth headset is important for many Windows 10 users because these audio devices tend to lack wires. You see, wires can get entangled and break, and no one likes when their wired headphone is giving problems. With a wireless […]

Where are Windows Defender Offline scan logs stored?

You might be wondering if Windows Defender is capable of storing log files of the offline scan. Well, as far as we know, the popular anti-virus and malware scanner does not do such a thing, but there is something else […]