Game Backup Monitor lets you backup games automatically

If you often play games on your computer, you should check out Game Backup Monitor. It will help you automatically backup the configuration files of your games. It is a free and open-source software that is available for multiple computer […]

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Formulas not updating automatically

Every user will agree that Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful tools in the antiquity of modern computing. Every single day, millions of people use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to perform a plethora of tasks, starting from the simple […]


How to open Group Policy Editor in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Group Policy Editor is a vital configuration editor that allows you to change settings organization-wide. Primarily it’s designed to IT admin can change advanced settings of a remote computer. However, if you have an administrator account, you […]

WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Labs

What is Windows Hardware Quality Labs or WHQL?

When you are buying a Windows 10 PC or software for your computer, you want it to run without any problem. That’s is where certification from Microsoft comes into the picture. Microsoft calls it Windows 10 WHQL or Windows Hardware […]

Install Japanese Keyboard on Windows 10

How to Install Japanese Keyboard on Windows 10

Many users need to use a foreign language on their computer. If you are one of those, who want to install the Japanese keyboard on Windows 10, here is our guide. The process is straightforward, and there is no need to […]

Spotify keeps crashing on Windows 10

Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming services. It is available across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and more. Recently, Spotify released its application on the Microsoft Store. It is a Windows Classic application […]

Search for & find relevant content in Microsoft Streams

How to search for & find relevant content in Microsoft Streams

Apps that can bring training videos, team meetings recordings and other content in one central place are most desired. Why? Such apps enrich experience within the context of the daily work of an organization by providing seamless video experience across […]

Windows 10 Orange Screen of Death

How to fix Windows 10 Orange Screen of Death

Though uncommon, the Windows 10 Orange Screen of Death is one of the issues where hardware is the culprit, and it is majorly caused by GPU issues. If you face this stop error, here is how you can fix this […]

5G disruption. How will 5G change our life & the world?

5G isn’t just hype or buzzword; it’s a reality! Although still under development and expected to hit the market at the horizon 2020, the new generation network will address the evolution beyond mobile internet to massive IoT (Internet of Things). […]

Fix REGISTRY_ERROR Blue Screen on Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death errors can occur at any given point after a computer boots up and can just reboot your computer randomly which eventually occurs in loss of unsaved work on a computer. One such stop error says simply […]

Fix Windows Script Host error on Windows 10 startup

Windows Script Host provides scripting abilities like batch files, but includes many more features.. It can be used manually by a user as well as created by the operating system to automate the flow of operations on a computer. There […]

How to use Dual Monitor with VirtualBox virtual machine

To be able to use VirtualBox on Multiple Monitors with any virtual machine, you need to change the default settings. If you have a dual monitor setup and you want to use both screens with your guest OS, this post […]

The default gateway is not available on Windows 10

If when you run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter it displays a message – The default gateway is not available on Windows 10, then here are some troubleshooting tips you should follow to fix this problem. If you see this message, […]