Best Free Software Downloads for Windows 10 PC


  1. Hi… just wondering when was the last time that The Windows Club was updated. Thanks…

    George Melendez

    Humacao Puerto Rico

  2. OKAY…….

    I guess that most of the articles that I have been reading are some what old. Sorry about that. Have to say that many of the articles are very informative so thanks a lot. Be back soon, thanks…………….

  3. I have Been a regular member of PC Pitstop since 2002, and I think this article is the BEST one Ive seen Yet !

  4. Nice collection of the best free software. Same thing I got in along with best collection of reviews and downloads

  5. Feel free, Windows Club, to update all the lists to include new/improved freeware from the last few years. Many of the lists I visited were created around 2012… updated lists would be very helpful! 🙂

  6. The posts may be dated 2012, but they are updated frequently – esp. as soon as we come to know of something new. Feel free to browse the posts again. 🙂

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