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Enable Tamper Protection Windows 10

How to enable or disable Tamper Protection in Windows 10

Windows Security Team has rolled out Tamper Protection for all Windows users. In this post, we will share how you can enable or disable Tamper Protection in Windows Security or Windows Defender via UI, Registry or InTune. While you can […]

How to Add or Exclude an app in Exploit Protection of Windows 10

Malware often uses exploits to infect devices and spread. Exploit Protection feature in Windows 10 offer safety against malware by applying mitigation techniques on both the OS processes and on individual apps. If you are certain about the apps you […]

Force users to change Account Password at next Login

How to force users to change Account Password at next Login in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes packed with many great security features including Windows Defender, biometric authentication, Microsoft’s security compliance toolkit, and Windows Update. But, even with all these features in action, a computer system can still be defenseless to unauthorized access if […]

Where are Windows Defender Offline scan logs stored?

You might be wondering if Windows Defender is capable of storing log files of the offline scan. Well, as far as we know, the popular anti-virus and malware scanner does not do such a thing, but there is something else […]

anti-hacker software

Best Free Anti-hacker software for Windows 10

Offline or online, there is always a threat of data being stolen. As the online transactions and dependencies have increased, you should have software in place that can safeguard your data. In this post, we will share a list of […]

Microsoft Windows Logo process im Task Manager

Microsoft Windows Logo process in Task Manager

A reader recently brought to our notice that he was seeing a Microsoft Windows Logo process in his Task Manager. It looked suspicious to me as I had not come across such a process before and moreover the Publisher name […]

I know your password

Email stating, I know your password – Online Sextortion

“I know you are a such-and-such person. I know your password. To avoid jail time, send me $2000 in Bitcoin.” If you receive such an email, what’ll be your reaction? Sextortion is back in a new format! Online sextortion has […]

update the router firmware

How to update Router Firmware

Firmware is the software embedded in your router. Its firmware helps the router figure out how to carry on different tasks. To update it, you have to flash updated software in the router. We’ll tell you why and how to […]

Windows Firewall is preventing connections to your computer

Windows Firewall is preventing or blocking your connections

Windows Firewall is not just designed to protect your PCs and laptops from malware and other security threats but to block any program from accessing the Internet. You can block both inbound traffic or outbound traffic for any program. However, […]

organised cybercrime

Organized and Unorganized Cybercrime – Definition

Cybercrime is defined as any crime that involves the use of computer or Internet. It could be Phishing, stalking, fake offers, hacking for fun, or hacking for financial gains. The scope of this post is limited to organized and unorganized […]

Norascan is an anti-malware scanner for Windows PC

Many rogue software disguised as virus/malware scanner get downloaded to your PC, knowingly or unknowingly. However, when tested for their utility, they are found to be far from satisfactory. Noralabs, an American-based company, offers a good tool – Norascan that […]