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How to set JAVA_HOME in Windows 10

In Unix terminology, an Environment variable is a string that holds information such as drive name, pathname, filename, etc. JAVA_HOME is an environment variable which addresses to the directory where Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit is installed in […]

Domain Fronting

What is Domain Fronting – Dangers, Advantages and Uses

Domain Fronting can be used as a tool to bypass censorship by ISPs and governments. Domain Fronting can also be used by hackers to obtain the information they want from you. What is domain fronting? This article explains domain fronting […]

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

What is GDPR – Summary of GDPR, Compliance and other details

You might have received many emails from different websites saying they updated their privacy policy. It was due to the implementation of GDPR. Many websites also used popups to indicate that they were complying with the General Data Protection Regulation of […]

reset the guest key on your Xbox One console

How to reset the Guest Key on your Xbox One console

Xbox One lets you create guest accounts so if someone wants to experience exactly the same as your account, they can do it. You can add restrictions on what kind of content guest can see or experience. This is great […]

Java Install or Update did not complete – Error Code 1603

Users at times may face problems when installing Java or updating their Java application on Windows systems. One such example is, the user, encountering error code 1603. Basically, there are two ways to install Java – users can choose either […]

how to get job in cloud computing

Cloud Computing Jobs and Skill requirements

While the term cloud computing has been around for a while, the last seven years saw a major increase in employment related to clouds. There are two categories of employees when it comes to the cloud. One is the cloud […]

Resolve Xbox One startup errors or E error codes

How to resolve Xbox One startup errors or E error codes

While most of the time the system updates for the console goes smoothly, but if you’re seeing an “E” error code when your Xbox One console restarts after a system update, its plain trouble.  The good news is that most […]

Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Xbox One Controller keeps disconnecting

I have used an Xbox Controller on Xbox 360, and then on Xbox One. Experience in both places had been outstanding, and I have hardly got any error which results in disconnection from the console. However, a few times, the […]

iCloud vs. OneDrive

iCloud vs OneDrive – Which is better? A comparison.

iCloud comes as an offering from Apple. Five GB of storage space in the cloud is offered to all Apple account owners free, under the name of iCloud. If users need more space in the cloud, they have to purchase […]

How to integrate Chrome and Firefox with Windows 10 Timeline

The Timeline feature is a new Microsoft’s new Windows 10 productivity feature. It was rolled out with version 1803 but lacked public appeal. It didn’t quite pick up with the developer community quickly as well since it was more Microsoft-centric […]

Create Groups in Xbox One

How to group Apps and Games on Xbox One

One of the major features to Xbox One in July Update is letting users group apps, and games.  This makes it a lot easier to get access to your games, and apps easily without putting your time to search them, […]

Microsoft Font Maker lets you create custom fonts for free

Microsoft has been at the forefront when it comes to offering the best fonts for different needs. The Office products like Microsoft Word have been the go-to option for folks as it also supports fonts for regional languages. That apart […]

Microsoft Teams Free version is a great alternative to Slack

Microsoft Teams was first announced and released back in 2017, and it’s designed to compete with the likes of Slack and HipChat. At first, anyone who wanted to use Microsoft Teams would be required to subscribe to Office 365, but […]