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Best External Bluetooth adapters for Windows 10 computers

When it comes to short distance wireless connections, Bluetooth is one of the easiest to set up. However, if your Windows computer doesn’t come with an inbuilt Bluetooth, you would need an external Bluetooth adapter. External Bluetooth adapters for Windows […]

Best USB-C Monitors for 2019

Best USB-C Monitors – 2019

Previously we were used to seeing USB-C connectors on desktops, laptops, and high-end smartphones. As computing power, and consumer demands have increased, USB-C connectors are getting more frequent. Monitors are one area where they are gaining traction, and in this […]

Devil May Cry 5 review

Devil May Cry 5 Review: Its time to meet the V

It was the year 2001. Capcom had brought out a game that turned out to be the first installment of a series that took the world by storm. Its wild mess of gameplay, the blood, the gore, and the sheer […]

A web page is slowing down your browser – Firefox

If you have been using Mozilla Firefox, at some or the other stage, you must have encountered a message – A web page is slowing down your browser. Users get an option to either ‘wait’ or ‘stop’ the troublesome webpage. […]

transfer files from GoPro camera to Windows 10

How to transfer files from GoPro camera to Windows 10 PC

GoPro is a popular camera device for adventure photography. It is in vogue among adventures, surfers, and athletes because of its sleek compact design. It is one of the widely used pieces of equipment among the small camera sector for […]

How to change Facebook background color, scheme and style

Facebook is a popular social networking site that we use daily to keep in touch with loved ones. We spend most of the time on the social platform to send messages to friends, share videos, photos, use various in-built apps, […]

How to Live Stream your GoPro to PC using VLC media player

GoPro is a popular camera device among adventurers, athletes, surfers, travelers, and bloggers for action photography. GoPro can be mounted anywhere possible, and this makes it incredible to use as a daily camera for both adventures as well as casual […]


ERR_ICANN_NAME_COLLISION error on Google Chrome browser

If you see an error message ERR_ICAN_NAME_COLLISION when browsing the web using Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 PC, then here are a few things you could try to resolve the problem. This issue is caused due to an […]

How to use GoPro as Webcam on Windows computer

GoPro cameras are widely used for action photography. It is a popular pocket-sized camera device used by adventures, surfers, athletes, travelers, and bloggers as a daily camera, and can be mounted anywhere. They are great for rugged use and is […]

How to show or hide the Home button in Chrome browser

Most web browsers feature a Home button. The specialty of this button is that when accessed, it directs a user back to their already set homepage. However, with the passage of the time, it slowly being removed from browsers in […]

Best wireless rechargeable Mouse

Best wireless rechargeable Mouse you can buy in 2019

In today’s connected world we use our computers for work. It is essential that we have all the tools at our disposal while working with a laptop or a computer. The mouse is one such peripheral that is crucial for […]

Using Google Play Movies & TV extension for Chrome browser

Media services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and others allow you to choose the benefits that matter to you. You can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries on multiple devices. Most of them are even commercial free. These benefits and many […]

Thanos Easter Egg

Google Thanos Easter Egg | Avengers Disintegration Photo Effect

In the latest Avengers‘ release, in his quest of seeking out the location of the six Infinity Stones, Thanos finds himself challenged by an alliance of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Nevertheless, he’s determined to bring stability to […]

Best CPU Coolers to bring the heat down in gaming PCs

If you use your Windows PC extensively, especially if you are a true gamer, you will know the value of a liquid cooler for your system. Liquid coolers help maintain the integrity of the hard drive, CPU, and GPU. The […]