Edit Mail App signature & other settings in Windows 10/8

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  1. Subba

    Can we add other mail client other than “Hotmail” ?

  2. Vasudev

    Yes, you can ! Open the Mail app, Press Winkey +I to goto Charms settings. Click on ‘Accounts’ . There you can see ‘Add an account’ option (same pic is shown in article too). There you’ll see various options for Hotmail (Hotmail.com.Live.com.MSN), Outlook (Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com), Google via Connect, Other Account via Connect !

  3. Subba

    Thanks a lot brotha 🙂

  4. Dave

    If you just open the mail app, is there no settings link in it?

  5. Vasudev

    Open mail app, press Winkey+I to get settings! Or open charms by Winkey+C from there click on Settings!


    I dont see any Signature related settings in mail app.

  7. Vasudev

    Please open the mail app, add an account if you dont yet added . Now keeping the mail app open , press WinKey +I to go to settings or open Charmns by pressing Winkey+C, from there choose settings. Pl. follow the screenshots given in the post.

  8. Vasudev

    & one more thing, this is as in Mail app in Windows 8 RTM !

  9. Arye5234

    This doesn’t help me. I want to add a JPG file as a signature, is this possible?


  10. Brynteq

    How do I import .iaf files to Windows 8 mail?

  11. Packmate58

    Even though I have my Gmail account set to check for new mail every 15 minutes, it still syncs about every minute. This is EXTREMELY frustrating! Any ideas?

  12. mahkie

    Would you happen to know if it would at all be possible to insert image resources on the signature? 🙂 Thanks!

  13. Iris

    I can’t find the Hotmail account under settings

  14. Tom

    Can I have multiple signatures to choose from for each email account?

  15. vasudev

    My account is hotmail though you can give any name to it as shown in the image here Account Name given the name as ‘Hotmail’ , just to identify. If you have an Hotmail account, check what name you have given

  16. vasudev

    And to add, ensure Mail App is opened and the focus is on it , then from Charms>settings you’ll get the Mail settings or Press WinKey+I when in Mail App.

  17. vasudev

    No. Each account can have 1signature.

  18. Laura

    Anyone can tell me how do I import a signature file into Windows mail?? I CANNOT TYPE IN the format I created – it’s a professional signature with logo and everything else

  19. vasudevG

    At present Windows 8 Mail app supports only text as signature, there aren’t any options to add images, font formatting etc (HTML/rich text). Presently in which app you are using this signature file? Windows Live Mail supports it.

  20. Southern Yankee

    How do I forward emails have received? Also I am having difficulty attaching documents from the Libre office program to send.

  21. Jacques

    I don’t know who you are vasudevG and your relationship with Microsoft but here is a message for them: If Microsoft wants to keep their customer they better do something quickly on Courier so that it supports HTML/Rich text in the signature. They already lost a lot of customers with Windows 8 which was very disappointing, then when we switched from 8 to 8.1 because the upgrade has been very painful for most of us. Having the ‘At present, it supports only text as signature’ is definitely not good enough when you know that the problem has been reported continuously since 2012. Hope you can help us! Regards

  22. Annette Vaillancourt

    I need to know how to set up my email signature that INCLUDES hyperlinks back to my website. There doesn’t appear to be a cut and paste option in Microsoft Mail for Windows 8.

  23. Annette Vaillancourt

    I agree! I need hyperlinks in my email signature! Very frustrating. I’ve resorted to cutting and pasting my new email signature into my emails. Waste of my time.

  24. Jinxs104

    I cannot do this because it states I have Microsoft account. How do I changed the signature in this case.

  25. Brian

    I am having a problem which has occurred in both Windows 8.0 & 8.1 using the mail APP. About once a month it refuses to open and after rebooting the modem and laptop multiple time it eventually opens and in the 4 mail accounts I have attached to Mail it has lost the signatures. Any ideas with these two problems please?

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