Edit Mail App signature & other settings in Windows 10/8

The Mail app in Windows 10/8 by default provides a signature “Sent from Windows Mail”. If you feel this to be very simple signature and want to change to your liking or you drop it completely, you can always edit it.

From the Windows Start Screen, open the Mail app. Press Windows Key +C to show the Charms bar and click on Settings. Or on a touch enabled device, swipe from the right edge to left to display the Charms bar. Or else, you can also move the mouse to the bottom right corner, to bring up the Charms bar. Or you could also directly go to Charms Settings by pressing Windows Key + I. There are so many ways to bring up the Charms bar!


Now click on Accounts, and if you have set multiple accounts, click on the account whose signature is to be changed. Here the image shows a single account only.


Now you’ll get to see various options.


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Edit Mail App signature

Here you can edit ‘Sent from Windows Mail’ signature and type the Signature of your liking. You also have the option of Moving the Slider ‘Use an email signature’ to ‘No’, so as to disable displaying the signature. After making changes, you can close the Settings. The changes are immediate and there’s no Save option as such.

Add Signature in Mail App of Windows 10

mail app tricks and tips

You can now send the personalized mails from the Mail app in Windows 10. Adding a signature is the only way to personalize the emails and the Mail app here has an option for the same. Go to Settings and click on Options. Scroll down to get the Signature tab. Turn it ON and add the signature initials you want to show at the end of every mail you send.

Frequency of downloading new mail

Also apart from this, you also have options when to Download the mail. From the drop-down menu, you can select, As items arrive, 15 Minutes, 30 minutes, hourly or manually.


Time from when to download email from

You can also set the duration, from when to download the email, which is quite useful while setting up. You can select 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, last month or Any time.


This will be useful for those who are new to Windows 8/10 and might be confused where to access the various Mail App settings and options.

Take a look at these free email signature generators if you want to create professional email signatures.

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