Remove Transparency and Enable Blur in Start Menu background in Windows 10


  1. Yes, I really like the new Start Menu… much better than before. Additionally, your posts hve been huge help in tweaking the OS to my liking. Thanks a bunch for that.

  2. Wow! That’s a really awesome tweak. Loving the new look of the start menu. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Thanks for your creative inputs. But applying this tweak does not helping me much. I followed those steps…by setting EnableBlurBehind and EnableTransparency to 1. This does nothing. However if i turn EnableTransparency to 0 and EnableBlurBehind to 1 the blur effect does come alive. Now the problem is if i restart my computer the “make start button, task button and action center transparent” button in Personalized setting becomes inactive automatically (as i set EnableTransparency to 0 i guess) and leaves my start button without blurred and without transparent. And it i turn it (“make start button, task button and action center transparent” button) on and refresh the registry panel the “EnableTransparency” value turns back to 1. i am confused. Please help me out.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. What happens if I don’t have EnableBlurBehind? I only have ColorPrevalence and Enable Transparency. I also have a (Default) key, but it’s not a DWORD. How do I put EnableBlurBehind back into Windows 10?

  5. Great answer, wish I thought of it. Are you kidding, I already was searching the internet looking for that. That’s why I asked how to put it back in. Sorta the same thing as create it! If you don’t want to help fine, but don’t leave dumb responses.

  6. Please stop being sarcastic! That is the only answer there is. You have to create the EnableBlurBehind DWORD value, if it does not exist, and then give it the desired value. Select Personalize. Then right-click in right-pane > New > DWORD (32-bit) etc. If you are unfamiliar with the Registry, I suggest you do not do it. And yes, remember to create a system restore point first.

  7. That’s what I was looking for, how to create it. I don’t know why my new copy of Windows doesn’t have it? I will try to create it tonight. Thank you.

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