Top 5 free Windows Media Center alternatives for Windows 10


  1. Do any of these programs have a substitute for a Windows Media Center Extender? Such as the Xbox 360? That is one of the most important features of Windows Media Center, and as far as I know, there is no replacement.

  2. How can you leave out VLC media player? Even Microsoft itself mentions it as an alternative.

  3. OK, did not see that, sorry. However, in view of the popularity & user footprint VLC has, I still find it strange you only mention it in a little footnote at the end.

  4. VLC I guess is the best player for win 10. Recently, a totally free player- macgo free media player for windows is free and works on win 10 since win 10 cannot playback dvd freely. After a long-time trial. this one is definitely my type.

  5. sichbopvr, nextpvr and progdvb all are TV playback through a TV tuner card.
    Tried all and they work . mpc-hc will also work with standard freeview (UK) but I have not been able to set it up for satellite. The ones mentioned above(on this page) I have not been able to get working.
    The ones I have mentioned have free or are free and I can watch live TV.
    Late message but hope they are helpful now.

  6. Im still pretty new to all things tech. but, i am catching on quick. i want to connect my pc to my xbox360 to play and watch movies from my pc, i am looking for a substitute media player as well. i too am running windows 10 on a hp beats laptop. thank you in advance for any replies.

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