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Install add-ons for Stremio

Kodi vs Stremio comparison – Which is better?

Kodi has been in the market for long, and is perhaps one of the best things that happened to the free media streaming market. Stremio is a relatively new media streaming app, but has been quick to gain popularity. It […]

Web Media Center Online Media Tools

Web Media Center offers a basket of free online Media Tools

The Internet is full of data and information. The information we share every day on the web can be categorized mainly into two types – text and multimedia. Since the advent of Social Media, the usage of multimedia content has […]

Top 5 free Windows Media Center alternatives for Windows 10

Now when it is officially announced that there won’t be any Windows Media Center functionality in Windows 10, you might be looking for some good alternatives. Launched back in 2002, Windows Media Center was best known for its media playback […]

Invalid security token when updating Windows Media Center

Yesterday one of my clients called me and he told me that while updating Windows Media Center on Windows, he received an Invalid security token error. I had never heard of this issue before so I did some research about this […]

Get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free

The Windows website has been revamped to reflect the Windows 8 launch. On the website you will now find many interesting bits of information that you may want to know about. You will find information on the new features in […]

How to play DVD movies in Windows 10/8

You will not be able to watch DVD movies on the default installation of any Windows 10/8 edition. While Windows Media Player is present, the DVD playing feature has been removed from it. It will, however, be possible to play […]

Add Features including Media Center to Windows 8

Windows 8 is providing an upgrade option to add features to your PC to get a different Edition of Windows 8. Earlier in our article, we had seen how Microsoft has simplified the various Editions to be made available for […]

KODI for Windows: Free Media Player & Entertainment Hub

XBMC media center, now called KODI, is a free and open source cross-platform digital media center and was also known as Xbox Media Center. There are lots of free media centers out there, of which, we have had a look at Media […]

Turn your Windows PC to a Media Center PC: Part 1

There was a time when we used to use the Media Player to organize our media, but these days most of us prefer using the Media Centers. In this article I will tell you how to convert your Windows 7 computer into a Media Center PC, using […]

Remote Potato: Stream Videos from Your Home PC to Anywhere

Windows Media Center is digital video recorder and media player developed by Microsoft that allows you to listen to music, view and record live television by installing extenders for easy media streaming and do much more. The only area where […]

Download Media Center Theme for Windows 7

Windows Media Center lovers – you might want to check out this Media Center theme for Windows 7. The theme when applied will replace select system files to give your Windows 7 a new look.