Set or Change Windows 10 Sign in options like Password, PIN, Picture Password

Microsoft brings multiple features and capabilities to Windows 10 and makes it easier than ever to authenticate yourself on a PC. You can use a Password, PIN, Picture Password for logging into your computer. From the Windows login screen, you can just switch between these sign-in or log-in options.

In addition to traditional password-based login, Windows 10 also includes PIN and Picture Password logon for the safety and security of users. You can use Microsoft email account based logon or a Local account to access your computer. However, there are some design conflicts that may not allow you to use either of PIN or a Picture Password to log into your system. For example, when you’re in Safe Mode, neither of these alternatives work and you need to have a traditional password in that case.

This article gives a rundown to the process of Windows 10 Sign in options.

Windows 10 Sign in options

Change Password

Open Start Menu and click open Settings. Select ‘Accounts’. Next, chose ‘Sign-in options’. To create a new P and hit the Change button under heading ‘Password’.


Next, enter ‘Current password’ and click Next.

In a new window that opens type in a new password, re-enter the new password, input a hint for the password hint and click Next button.

Password re-enter

Finally, click ‘Finish’ for completing the change to user password. The next time you sign in, you will have to use your new password.

Change Picture password on Windows 10

A Picture Password enables you to use a picture from your library as a password. You have to perform three gestures on the picture that you want to use as your password. For example, you can select, draw and resize some portion of the picture as you want.

In the Windows 10 Settings app, under ‘Picture Password’ section as shown in the screenshot below, click on Add.

Password picture

Next, type in your user password and click OK to confirm your account info.

After that, select ‘Use this picture’ to continue.

Password picture saved

Draw three new gestures on the picture. Repeat the step and click ‘Finish’ to exit.

Changing PIN in Windows 10

If you think that setting up a Picture Password is too complicated for you, but you still want to experience a change in the method of login, Microsoft Windows has a solution for you in the form of PIN.

Here, under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, select change button under ‘Pin’ section.

Password pin

Now, enter a password and click OK. Next, enter a new 6 digit PIN and select Finish.

Windows 10 Sign in options

You can also make users use a complex PIN to sign in by enabling the PIN Complexity Group Policy.

That’s all there is to it!

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. D Bradley

    I was hoping that this version of windows would allow facial recognition for log in.

  2. Deadhead

    It will, it’s called ‘Windows Hello’ . It’s pretty impressive and will sign you in in a split second from the video clips I’ve seen. Your normal webcam won’t be any good you’ll need something like Intel’s RealSense camera for it to work. It will work in any lighting conditions and you can add additional security feature like having to turn your face left/right, showing a photo of your face like on your smartphone will not fool the system.

  3. D Bradley

    Thanks for the info m8. I look forward to seeing this in action on my own machines..

  4. Cheryl R

    I click on Sign In Options and it just freezes Settings. It frustrating because a lot of my options don’t work. Can anyone help? I also can’t add an account in the calendar or open the email program. It opens then promptly closes.

  5. JDit'sAtrap!!

    Is there any way to switch back to signing in with just my password? I feel it’s more secure than my pin.

  6. Heider Sati

    Hi Jdit”sAtrap!!…
    Do the following to get back into the No-PIN mode:
    1) Start -> Settings -> Accounts
    2) Click “Sign In Options”
    3) Click “I forgot my PIN”
    4) When prompted, enter your Windows login UserID and Password, Next
    5) When asked about entering a new PIN:
    6) Do NOT enter a new PIN, and then:
    7) Click CANCEL
    This should disable the PIN altogether and back into the good old secure way of logging in. I was put off myself when saw PIN as it’s nowhere secure and I need the proper way of logging in badly.
    Good luck
    Heider Sati

  7. JDit'sAtrap!!

    Worked great! Thanks a ton!

  8. Matt Houser

    Problem is my account screen has no options to use a pin or picture password. It’s completely blank besides changing my password. Help

  9. mzaur

    I set up both pin and picture but I can’t figure out how to set the default method? It seems to always default to password

  10. Ursula Strydom

    Hi, I am stuck with a problem. Installed Windows 10 and now can’t access my own laptop! I always log on with a pin code but now the option is only password, I can’t get in

  11. Cersei depiladora de opiniões

    Será que isso é útil? Bjus

  12. arc

    i was hoping this version of windows would work without problems, they have had long enough to sort this out.

  13. Allen

    How can I set my password to not expire in windows 10?

  14. Anonymous Daniel

    If you want facial recognition use windows hello

  15. Satish Chaudhary

    when I signout in windows 10 sometimes picture password freezes and donot work..can anyone help me

  16. Tina

    I was asked to enter my microsoft password after updating to windows 10 when trying to use Cortana thing. I couldn’t remember the password so I reset it. It them prompted me to create a pin which I attempted to do but it kept asking me for an old password and nothing I entered worked so I just stopped. Then when I tried to open my computer/windows this morning it asked for a pin. I had it set to where I didn’t need anything to log it. But now it asks for a pin and the pin that I attempted to create does not work. Now I cannot log into that computer.
    Any suggestions?

  17. Kim

    Similar problem! Bought new laptop then did windows updates which apparently included a new version of Windows 10. After lots of waiting for downloading, installing, configuring and a million auto reboots now it asks for a PIN to access the laptop but I never was asked to set one up or to set up a password for that matter. Now my new laptop is a BRICK!

  18. Namoora


    does anybody know, if there is or will come a geo-location based login?
    I would like to have it in the following way:
    1. If I am at home (my win10 Laptop/Tablet is connected with my Home WiFi, then it is allowed to use PIN or Picture Sign in.
    2. If I am NOT at home, PIN and Picture Sign in are not allowed, Password is needed

  19. Katherine K

    I set up a pin and yet still get asked for my full password every time. I was able to use my pin shortly after first getting this Windows 10 device (HP latop) but no more. I have no idea what caused the change, but I did try changing my PIN and no luck.
    Any advice out there?

  20. Morgan Feldon

    Poor article. Doesn’t tell you how to pick one as default which is kinda the whole point.

  21. Art Studio

    I was using a friend’s computer – he had been logging in but then explained to me how to use the picture/photo login screen he had set up as his login screen.

    I turned on the computer, got the default screen with clock, touched it and his picture login screen came up. There were two icons — one for logging in using the picture login or using a password. I touched the picture login icon and then the areas on the picture on the screen he told me to touch. It didn’t work so I tried touching the area again several times with no success.

    I shut down the computer, started it up again then tried it again with no luck. I inadvertently touched the key password login icon and got a password screen. Since I didn’t have the password, I shut down the computer. When I started the computer again, the picture password screen would not come up, only the password screen. He entered his password and it said it was incorrect. We tried it several times and it would not work.

    We tried the reset password button/link and it said it didn’t recognize a drive and we had to use a flash drive. ???

    We restarted the computer a few times and got the same password screen and the same response when we touched the reset password button.

    This is his only computer and he’s locked out. We don’t understand why when the computer boots up it will not go back to his original picture login screen and provide the options for picture or password icons, why it won’t recognize his password and why the reset password requests a flash drive?

    Need to find out how to fix this asap.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  22. Bruce Dickinson

    too bad we can’t pin sign in by default

  23. Shanna Sortor LeBlanc

    Hi there,

    Quick question. My laptop suddenly went from being pin unlock to password unlock and I can’t seem to find an option to put it back to the pin unlock. I didn’t change anything and my pin and password are still the same. What could have happened to make this suddenly change and how can I reverse it?


  24. I purchased a laptop ASUS for my daughter running windows 10 and need the pin to enter the o.s. in order to install Spybot Search and Destroy. She doesn’t understand the importance of security.
    thank you sir!

  25. If you are using Windows 10, then go to all settings by clicking on the blurb icon on the far right of the task bar. Then choose “Accounts” when the window pops up. From here you should be able to decipher and navigate your way to getting things back on track.

  26. Only the govt. knows… haha!

  27. Yea, turn on, repeatedly tap F2, or whatever gets into your BIOS, then choose the option to change operator password. If this doesn’t work, then hit me up again.

  28. Shailender Prajapati

    How pin authentication work, and what component it use,

  29. Bo Wrinkle

    Where can I find the pictures that Windows 10 displays every time I turn on my computer?

  30. Bo Wrinkle

    Thank you Sir.

  31. Brian Melle

    How do I fully remove the password option so I turn on the computer and don’t have to sign in at all.

  32. FA1177

    same problem here. what should i do ?

  33. Lancashire Lad

    I wish to stop signing in each time the pc is restarted.

    Like a lot of people my PC is at home and I am the only user therefore I have no need for passwords whether PIN, photo etc. However when I follow the instructions on the isunshare page (which comes up first on a google search) it refuses to accept the change and comes up with the error code 0x8007052d.

    They suggest clicking password on the login options page within settings of Windows 10, then leaving the new password textbox blank before clicking next and the password should be turned off however all I get is the error code above with the message “We’re sorry, your password couldn’t be changed”.

  34. Statalyzer

    F microsoft. I have it set to log in with pin but it auto logs in instead, despite EVERY single registry entry, netplwiz, group policy, user settings, etc, that I’ve tried ALL saying it has to have p/w or pin to log in.

  35. abhishek

    Can we set up two or more sign in option together e.g user need to enter password and pin to login.

  36. Havanna Hines

    the frozen

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