Set or Change Windows 10 Sign in options like Password, PIN, Picture Password

Microsoft brings multiple features and capabilities to Windows 10 and makes it easier than ever to authenticate yourself on a PC. You can use a Password, PIN, Picture Password for logging into your computer. From the Windows login screen, you can just switch between these sign-in or log-in options.

In addition to traditional password-based login, Windows 10 also includes PIN and Picture Password logon for the safety and security of users. You can use Microsoft email account based logon or a Local account to access your computer. However, there are some design conflicts that may not allow you to use either of PIN or a Picture Password to log into your system. For example, when you’re in Safe Mode, neither of these alternatives work and you need to have a traditional password in that case.

This article gives a rundown to the process of Windows 10 Sign in options.

Windows 10 Sign in options

Change Password

Open Start Menu and click open Settings. Select ‘Accounts’. Next, chose ‘Sign-in options’. To create a new P and hit the Change button under heading ‘Password’.


Next, enter ‘Current password’ and click Next.

In a new window that opens type in a new password, re-enter the new password, input a hint for the password hint and click Next button.

Password re-enter

Finally, click ‘Finish’ for completing the change to user password. The next time you sign in, you will have to use your new password.

Change Picture password on Windows 10

A Picture Password enables you to use a picture from your library as a password. You have to perform three gestures on the picture that you want to use as your password. For example, you can select, draw and resize some portion of the picture as you want.

In the Windows 10 Settings app, under ‘Picture Password’ section as shown in the screenshot below, click on Add.

Password picture

Next, type in your user password and click OK to confirm your account info.

After that, select ‘Use this picture’ to continue.

Password picture saved

Draw three new gestures on the picture. Repeat the step and click ‘Finish’ to exit.

Changing PIN in Windows 10

If you think that setting up a Picture Password is too complicated for you, but you still want to experience a change in the method of login, Microsoft Windows has a solution for you in the form of PIN.

Here, under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, select change button under ‘Pin’ section.

Password pin

Now, enter a password and click OK. Next, enter a new 6 digit PIN and select Finish.

Windows 10 Sign in options

You can also make users use a complex PIN to sign in by enabling the PIN Complexity Group Policy.

That’s all there is to it!

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