Remove Most Used list from the Start Menu in Windows 10


  1. Thanks for the tutorial on removing items from the “Most Used” section of the start menu. My issue is that none of the apps listed are programs I have ever used. The ones I use most like Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, or even Chrome are not listed. How do you add items to “Most Used”? I successfully removed never used programs by selecting “don’t show in this list”. To my disappointment “Most Used” section is now empty and no way to fill it??

  2. So i want to replace that Most Used section with my favorite apps. how do i do this? All the apps listed in Most used are not my most used apps. I want to see my favorite apps listed, not just in the boxes.

  3. Whenever I type in Tixati in the start menu recent items always come up underneath even after turning the setting off and cleaning up how do I get ride of this

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