One-liner Quick Tips to work faster on Windows 10


  1. Nice tips,try these small tips/shortcut keys too –
    – Place your Windows 8 Desktop tile at Top left in Start Screen, so by just pressing Enter key in Start Screen,you’ll switch to Desktop
    – WinKey+1to9 opens up app corresponding its position on Taskbar (desktop only)
    – WinKey+U opens up Ease of Access Center #Windows 8
    – In Win8,to make the Desktop ver of IE the default & not Native ver,Open Desktop ver,Gear icon on top rt>IntOptions>Programs>choose how u open links
    – Win8 StartScreen, Winkey+Z will show list of All Apps.On the left all Win 8 native apps shown & to the right the Desktop apps
    – WinKey+Enter Opens the Narrator #Windows 8

  2. As for number 6, you may want to add Shift + Ctrl + arrow keys to highlight a word in a block of text too.

  3. Correction:
    To open an elevated Command Prompt window from the Desktop, press Win+X at the same time, THEN press A.

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