Quick Tip: Rename folders, files in serial order instantly in Windows


  1. Here is another method I have been using since Windows 95.

    Windows Explorer likes to alphabetize everything. But you can get around that very easily.

    Let’s say you have several text files and you want to group them together at the bottom of the directory. Add a “z” to the beginning of each file name. Example: “zrecipes”, “zcontacts” etc.

    If you want to group them at the top of the directory add a number to the beginning of each file name. To get some to group even higher up in the directory use “!”.

  2. @SilverGoldi if you want the checkbox then you need to go into Control Panel and open Folder Options, click the View tab, then scroll down and select the option “Use check boxes to select items”. The thing is you can select all items like you normally would, the check boxes is just an option some like and some do not, it is not required.

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