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How to make files and folders undeletable in Windows 10

The most common reason for losing data is accidentally deleting files and folders. Rather, most of you must have lost files at least once by accidentally deleting them. The best resolution to this problem is to make the files and […]

Allow permissions

Cannot create a new folder in Windows 10

Users have reported a weird issue where they cannot create new folders in Windows 10, using the right-click context menu. This is true for both the Desktop and inside other folders. If you face this issue, read on. Cannot create […]

Delete Windows10Upgrade Folder

How to delete Windows10Upgrade folder in Windows 10

If you have seen a Windows10Upgrade folder in Windows 10 system drive and wondering if you can delete it, then yes, you can. Windows 10 Update Assistant creates the folder. In this post, we will share how you can delete […]

ProgramData folder in Windows 10

What is the ProgramData folder in Windows 10

Windows 10 creates a number of system files and folders to support the running of the operating system. The ProgramData folder is one of those important system folders. It contains all the data for Windows classic and UWP applications. It […]

change folder background in Windows 10

How to change folder background in Windows 10

If you are looking for a way to change the folder background in File Explorer of Windows 10, then this shows you the easy way to do it. While Windows 10 allows you to choose the dark theme to add […]

How to reset Folder View in Windows 10

Windows 10 is easy to use and customize, but it becomes annoying when your Folder View settings change automatically. We usually set our Folder View settings on our own preferences like the view as grid/list, large/medium/small icons, etc., but it […]

Temporary Internet Files Folder location

Temporary Internet Files Folder location in Windows 10

Those who had moved from Windows XP to Windows Vista were puzzled as to where the Temporary Internet Files were located in this operating system. In this post, we will talk about the location of the Temporary Internet Files folder […]

Change Folder colors

Free software to change Folder icon color in Windows 10

If you are an avid computer user, your desktop must be full of folders containing important files and subfolders. Have you ever faced a situation when you are looking for a particular folder but couldn’t find it? Scrolling your eyes […]

color folder windows 10

Color your Windows folders with Folder Colorizer

Sometimes it does become rather difficult trying to search out an oft-accessed folder, especially if there are many folders in that mother folder. This is where software like Folder Colorizer for Windows 10/8/7 can help you. Folder Colorizer is a […]

Disable Auto Arrange in a folder

How to disable Auto Arrange in folders in Windows 10

If you try to rearrange files and sub-folders in Explorer on Windows 10/8/7 systems, you will find that the operating system does not allow you to do so. If you wish to disable auto arrange of items in a folder […]

take ownership

How to take full Ownership of Files & Folders in Windows 10

This post shows how you can take full ownership of files and folders in Windows 10/8/7. After introducing the User Account Control in Windows Vista, Microsoft increased the security of its core system files by hardening its Effective Permissions. Most of […]