Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows users


  1. – In Windows 7, frequently accessed text files can be pinned to Notepad from the Start menu.
    – Setting the font to Arial Unicode MS lets you type almost all Unicode symbols and characters in Notepad.
    – Normally Word Wrap and line numbers can’t be on at the same time. But merge this reg file and you can have them both:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  2. If you put a line like

    This app can break


    Bush hid the facts

    and then save it and reopen, a flaw in Windows XP Notepad (not Vista or Seven) will open the file with only a bunch of rectangles, or as Chinese text, depending on your computer setup.

    I swear it works on my computer.

  3. @Tangmeister: The reason for that would be the encoding on some computers. Some computers are able to read the Chinese text. Some computers aren’t, so they show the rectangles, which denote unknown text. So in short, it’s the same Chinese text but some computers don’t recognize it. 😛

  4. I prepared a document on Windows 10 notepad which included .jpg’s and I intended to print it out but I then found no means to access Printer from notepad. I’m clueless, is printing out content from notepad possible?

  5. Timestamp is very useful i was not knowing that it can happen with notepad and the text align to the right side is very nice . thank you for great tricks…….

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