Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows users

The humble Notepad in Windows is one of the most used  programs. It is a very basic text editor you can use for simple documents. Let us have a look at some Notepad tips and tricks that will help you get the best out of it.

Notepad Tips and Tricks

Notepad Tips and Tricks

Most of us don’t even bother to see what it has to offer, preferring instead to use it in its default state. Here are a few very basic tips to help you get the maximum out of it!

1) To add a date and time stamp to an open Notepad, simply hit F5.

You will see it displayed as : 23:37 10-05-2010

2) At the first line of a Notepad file, type: .LOG

This will put a timestamp at the end of the file, every time you open it.

3) To change the font used in Notepad, click Format > Font and select the font and style you prefer!

4) To customize the Page setup, size & side margins, click on File > page Setup to see the options.

5) The Status Bar appear at the bottom of the Notepad and gives information like the number of Lines and the number of columns, the text is occupying. See how to enable Status Bar in Notepad.

6) You can remove or change Notepad headers and footers. If you open Notepad > File > Page Setup, you will see that the default header and footer settings are:

  • Headers: &f
  • Footers: Page &p

These commands will display the title of the document on the top & page number at the bottom.

To change headers and footers, you can use the following commands in the Header & Footer fields given in the Page Setup box:

  • &l        Left-align the characters that follow
  • &c        Center the characters that follow
  • &r        Right-align the characters that follow
  • &d        Print the current date
  • &t        Print the current time
  • &f        Print the name of the document
  • &p        Print the page number

If you leave the Header or Footer text box empty, no header or footer will print. You can also insert words into the Header and Footer text box and they will print in their appropriate position. All header and footer setting must be entered manually each time you want to print a document. These settings cannot be saved.

7) To make the text align to the right side, right click inside the Notepad and select Right to left reading order.

notepad tips and tricks

8) If your Notepad is not working properly, this is how you can reset Notepad to default settings.

You migh want to also take a look at the new features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809.

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  1. tuxplorer

    – In Windows 7, frequently accessed text files can be pinned to Notepad from the Start menu.
    – Setting the font to Arial Unicode MS lets you type almost all Unicode symbols and characters in Notepad.
    – Normally Word Wrap and line numbers can’t be on at the same time. But merge this reg file and you can have them both:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  2. NomNom

    You can use NotePad to open .nfo files.

  3. Thanks for the additional inputs tuxplorer & NomNom

    The registry trick is pretty uncommon!

  4. Tangmeister

    If you put a line like

    This app can break


    Bush hid the facts

    and then save it and reopen, a flaw in Windows XP Notepad (not Vista or Seven) will open the file with only a bunch of rectangles, or as Chinese text, depending on your computer setup.

    I swear it works on my computer.

  5. SlyCooperFan1

    @Tangmeister: The reason for that would be the encoding on some computers. Some computers are able to read the Chinese text. Some computers aren’t, so they show the rectangles, which denote unknown text. So in short, it’s the same Chinese text but some computers don’t recognize it. 😛

  6. mardabo

    I prepared a document on Windows 10 notepad which included .jpg’s and I intended to print it out but I then found no means to access Printer from notepad. I’m clueless, is printing out content from notepad possible?

  7. Timestamp is very useful i was not knowing that it can happen with notepad and the text align to the right side is very nice . thank you for great tricks…….

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