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Sticky Note or Notepad on Desktop

How to put Sticky Note or Notepad on Desktop in Windows 10

Notepad and Sticky Notes are two favorite apps when you want to note down something rather quickly. The advantage with Sticky Notes is that it autosaves – but then Notepad opens faster and simpler. However, for quick access, both of […]

New features in Notepad in Windows 10

Microsoft has updated the good old Notepad app in Windows 10. The humble Notepad in Windows is a very basic text editor you can use for simple documents.  Let us take a look at the new features in Notepad. Read […]

reset Notepad to default settings

How to reset Notepad to default settings on Windows 10

The humble, but very useful Notepad is a built-in basic text editor included in the Windows operating system, which is also used to save certain file formats like Registry files, Batch files, Script files, NFO, DIZ files, etc. Over a period […]

Enable Status Bar in Notepad

Enable Status Bar in Notepad on Windows 10/8/7

If you use the Notepad frequently, you may have noticed that the Status Bar option under View is always greyed out or disabled. In this post, we will see the reason for this and how you can enable Status Bar in Notepad – via the […]

use Firefox Opera Chrome as Notepad

How to use Firefox, Chrome, Opera as a Notepad

Did you know that you could use your Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers like a Notepad? In case you did not, then read on to find out how you can actually open a new tab in Firefox, Chrome or Opera […]

3 Freeware to Protect or Encrypt Notepad text files

Notepad text files are really very handy and useful to note things down. But have you ever thought about security of the notepad files? Well, security is a must and a Notepad text file offers no security against prying eyes. One must […]

How to access FTP Server using Notepad++

Earlier we posted a complete screen shot tutorial on installing FileZilla client and server and synchronizing files between multiple clients. In this post, I am going to show you how to synchronize or access files on your FTP Sever directly […]

TED Notepad: A free Notepad alternative for power users

The latest version of TED Notepad  definitely merits a check-out. This free Notepad alternative is small, quick and boasts of many new unique features. TED Notepad v6 is a chrome-less free  notepad replacement, which offers 312 text-processing functions, innovative features and time-saving tools. All […]

text editor

EditPadLite: A free Notepad replacement utility for Windows 10/8/7

After Tomboy, a powerful and general-purpose text editor, another Notepad alternative we have come across is EditPad Lite. The program along with organizing notes and other tidbits of information, supports many functions for text manipulation and conversion. The application edits […]

StNotepad, a transparent Notepad for Windows

StNotepad is an intuitive, semi-transparent notepad freeware application for Windows that allows you to type opaque text over transparent window – so, you can type while seeing what’s behind the window! StNotepad gives you a way to taking notes in […]

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Free Notepad Replacements for Windows 10/8/7

Today, we will see some free Notepad software for Windows PC. These Notepad alternatives or replacements are programs like Notepad, but better than Notepad, feature-wise. The built-in Notepad in Windows is a basic text editor you can use for simple […]

Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows users

The humble Notepad in Windows is one of the most used  programs. It is a very basic text editor you can use for simple documents. Let us have a look at some Notepad tips and tricks that will help you […]

The Hidden Text Editor in Windows operating system

Windows 7, like its predecessors, Windows Vista & Windows XP, includes another text editor, apart from Notepad. It is called as the MS-DOS Editor.  To access it, simply type edit in Start Search and hit Enter. MS-DOS Editor Located in […]

Aero Glass applications for Windows 7

For the Aero Glass fans out there, here are some smart replacement applications with the glassy aero look for your Windows 7 & Vista : A Notepad, Calculator & a Command Prompt. Download and use them to give a smart […]