Free Notepad Replacements for Windows 10/8/7


  1. Have been using GetDiz 4.5, a DIZ and NFO text viewer. An update of the freeware Text Editor GetDiz has been released. Version 4.5 adds Windows 7 support, a File Properties function, the ability to edit system …
    A great replacement for notepad.

  2. NOtepad++ is a kewl program, but it doesn’t work on my windows 7! Put it as default editor and when I double clik a txt file, Notepad++ opens empty — what’s the point?

  3. Try Working Title MultiPad as well, the good part about that is that it also includes tabs for PDF’s and Visio files

  4. i think default notepad is the best no offense but i used it for almost 5 years and it is amazing no offense

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