New features in Notepad in Windows 10

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  1. tiotaco

    no spell checker

  2. Rob

    It’s ironic that Microsoft is adding features to Notepad while installing the 1809 update has deleted the files of countless users. Maybe they need to review their priorities.

  3. Nik Kelly

    But they’ve broken ‘word wrap’, so words now split across lines in edit mode. This makes it very, very hard to read quickly, more difficult to spot typos etc. Worse, for such a major change to functionality, it should have come with a switch !!
    …mutter..mutter..grumble..Much ‘Unprofessional Language’ redacted..grumble..mutter..mutter…

  4. That’s true. Even I noticed that.

  5. Chase E

    I am really disappointed with word wrap splitting words and can’t seem to find a solution other than give up on notepad from Microsoft. (Chase)

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