Windows 10 Tips and Tricks


  1. You’ve got to get the poxy thing to install first, before you can start learning how it works! I’ve spent all day, so far, trying to install it and each time it fails. When I did get the setup routine to start, it got to the 60% mark and failed again with a BOOT_DEVICE_INACCESSIBLE BSOD!! I wouldn’t mind, each time it fails, the bloody thing deletes all the installation files, so you have to download them all over again. No wonder people hate Microsoft!!!

  2. If all else fails, for the first month after installing Windows 10, Microsoft is offering users the option of downgrading to their previous OS with the ability to keep personal files intact.

    As of day 3, Windows 10 seems to be functioning fine for me. For what it’s worth, I chose to download the Windows 10 files to my USB first, rather than attempt it live, so to speak!


  3. Like your page keep it up. Installed Win10 yesterday so far only little niggles. One I can’t find an answer to is when I right click on the File Explorer icon in task bar I expect to see the places where I’ve been on my pc not a long list of favorites. I can see how I can get rid of them in the file explorer itself but not in the list of recent places when I right click on the file explorer icon in my task bar. Any tips please. John

  4. Open Settings > Personalization > Start > Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar. Move the slider to On position. Is this what you are looking for?

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  6. just started working with Windows 10 a couple of days ago… finally got that same feeling I had when I discovered the wonders of Windows XP so many years ago… the difference is: its even better!!

  7. Love in Windows 10 apart from the start menu use start 10 instead this is the most common complaint most of my friends and famly change the start menu and when comes to edge well everyone changes to Google Chrome and no one uses Cortana

  8. i just got my unbootable laptop to boot with iso windows 10 now what do i do for product key and edition ist wants to know

  9. You like many are retarded! It’s 2018 now and every thing worksm great if you now how to use all the setting options. Go to Google then. good riddance. One pin seems to be, “Office” / Outlook etc. The other, the OS and lock screen pin could of been through , Windows, Microsoft, or the like.
    I had issues at first, being a VIP “Insider” :), withnot rememgering all my passwords. Now they are stored in, “Credentials”, using the Control Pannel. They are P/W protected. In , EDGE, the Favorite, history and downloads in the Right drop-down show the, but it wont reveal the actual P/W. Only the nname of the site. Microsoft needs to tweek passwords in Edge, to show the actual P/W. It could make you have to sigh in with your PIN or Windows, or Microsoft, or Office or Outlook account using a pass-word. So you do not have to use the control panel. Like GOOGLE settings. NOTE: In, Windows 10, the object is to not have to use the, Control Panel just set all of your computer settings in the, “Settings” program! One suggestion, “LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER RUNNING, IT WILL SLEEP W/OUT TURNING OFF. That way tasks can be scheduled, you will get constant diagnosis of your apps and up-dates this way. My second, back-up computer came un-plugged and it was running poorly. Apparently the credentials, signatures and and even I lost the use of TheStore and various apps and programs as well. Even the functions were turned off. Crazy I tell you. So I dropped back a build or actually I used a restore point (you have to do this with command or run settings or even admin power shell). It still works just like it did in, Windows 7 :).
    I hope someone finds this helpful. Microsoft has the best and simplest OS out there. Stick with it, you won’t be disappointed. Please do not forget your PIN #. It’s for securing your computer. There are ways to rest it but your settings probably would have to be redone. Keep ,PIN, safe and maybe just use the password. That way you do not mess up, Windows 10. Write the program registry key code for your OS and the PIN # down. These are not to be taken lightly!

  10. Hey dip-shit, The, Cortana or Start Browser is incredibly helpful. In many ways, for example you type in, WSReset.exe and it will show you browser options functions Explorerfiles andApp settings go through the various filters to fined you’re needs. I had to re-start Windows Store App. I tell ya, once you have, Windows 10,running great and all you’re settings done correctly you will love it, “F” Google Chrome. I have the OS set-up with the Settings, not the , Control Panel. which is the old way, and in Edge / Bing, the OS remembers my pass-words, so I do not have to waste time constantly signing in. You can then put it on the Favorite Bar or even the task-bar, which will auto-enable the browser. Not to mention History, downloads, and so called old book-marks. Even Passwords, Kind off. We are working on it. You can even save you’re open web pages, hidden on the top right hand corner of the desk-top browser (Edge). Once, Windows 10 is up and running correctly using settings and tasks, just keep it on, so you don’t loose codes or your performance features etc. Have a good day people. signing off.
    BY: retra the Insider VIP 🙂

  11. I know how to use all the setting options. I just don’t like Windows 10. They (Microsoft) seems to always like to radically over-complicate their latest OS. I can no longer control when or what gets updated in my machine. Can you say over-bloating? Microsoft sure can. It amounts to a lack of choices for the user.

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