How to change Theme, Lock Screen & Wallpaper in Windows 10


  1. I have 3 monitors, all 3 show a different wallpaper, how do I make them all them same in windows 10

  2. This didn’t answer his question. Read it again… 3 monitors, one computer. The person wants the same wallpaper on all the monitors to match.

  3. Go to Settings, Display, click the Monitor you want to choose in the box, towards the bottom there is Multiple displays choice, open the drop-down and click: Extend desktop to this display.

  4. how to use only one picture from theme for desktop beckground, on win 7 it was easy, just open theme and choose picture, but here i can’t find way how to do it

  5. Lovin’ some Windows 7 Ultimate. It is true that you can’t change Windows update settings in 10 right?

  6. really not sure why some MS smartass+s took out settings for how often you when the images in theme to change, the sound settings as well as the screen saver settings that were previously nicely available on the same place and are now nowhere to be found.. shame on windows 10
    DO NOT FIX IT IF ITS NOT BROKEN somebody should tell them that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really want to know how I can edit the themes I download and also how to make it so one screen always shows one image while the other always shows A different image, I do not want a slide show of any kind. help would be appreciated.

  8. have been uncommonly patient, am usually a lightening-swift learner; but i hate HATE H-A-T-E truly despise windows 10. microsoft has always been nasty about playing well with others, but this one takes the cake. it’s as if a buncha bored code-geeks got together and said, “hey, let’s take the handful of components that actually work in windows, dumb ’em down to the point any sensible person is forever mystified, then muck it up some more! that’ll screw up our captive public!” turns out they’re real good at that.

  9. can I edit a synced theme? I really want to add and remove wallpapers without deleting all of them and starting over.

  10. this doesnt help me at all. How do I add more pictures to the same theme WITHOUT going online and getting a new one. I dont want a generic background with stupid things like flowers. What if I want my pet, my grandchildren, and all this other stuff in one theme with the fill setting on changing every 10 seconds? how do I do that?

  11. ikr, I dont even know how to work this bull anymore. Im not even old im just confused. If youre confusing the new generation you might as well shut down the windows project because, in attempting to simplify it, they’ve just made it more confusing. Might as well just use windows vista.

  12. Sorry to tell you but you’re not helping very much. We’re expecting a direct answer from an ms guy, and we’re just not getting one. Themes are confusing windows 10 and it sure seems like you’ve been ignoring all the questions. Not just mine, but other people’s too. Sure, you’ve answered one other comment but thats not answering everyones questions. It would be nice to figure this out so I can get on with everything else.

  13. And I do understand that you’re one guy, but I mean, come on, there has to be some other staff or something. And if theres not, then we’re screwed cuz you might not even see this.

  14. when the windows 10 lock screen will be ready to use..??? they sending feedbacks but still is not enabled…no notifications no nothing…

  15. I’m finding that Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is the answer to most of my questions. On Windows 10 now, and gpedit so far hasn’t let me down.

  16. i have a pc, and a laptop, when i switch it on one, it automatically changes the other, how do i stop that?

  17. Every TIme I Try And CHange It Nothing Happens It Stays Where I Upgraded From Windows 10 and it stays as my windows 8.1 backround it won t let me change it

  18. There is no option of “desktop background” in personalization section of windows 10.

  19. My theme is stuck. It will not change despite clicking on a new theme. My lockscreen is blank green. My computer is not synced to another.

  20. there are many photos inside the theme.i have installed the theme.when i select the theme only the 1st photo selected as wallpaper.i am not able to select other photos in the theme.i wanted to know how to select other photos inside the theme???

  21. I have followed directions for changing my desktop wallpaper, but the change never seems to get applied. The old wallpaper persists. What am I doing wrong?

  22. “Play around” and “regedit” should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Regedit is used to edit the windows registry. And if you don’t know what you are doing you could accidentally delete something important. Like the windows shell for instance.

  23. I have found that if I put my computer in sleep mode, (not safe mode), and keeping it in the sleep mode for a few minutes, the option to choose new spotlight images appears. One can choose which photo they want. I have tried this three times today, Saturday, June 3, 2017, and it has worked every single time. I learned this by pure accident. I have never found this information anywhere on the Internet. May this be helpful to those who enjoy spotlight images! <3

  24. I have successful to change my wallpapers on desktop. Thank you very much. Instruction is very clear on my email

  25. My desktop has wallpapers in internet now but it has no “Like what you see” words. How can I add it?

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