How to turn on High contrast themes in Windows 10

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  1. Just started using High Contrast mode (Windows 8.1) because I finally found out that you CAN change the window title bar font color! Loving the way that I am setting up my window/font/button colors, however, I’m see that it changes the color for EVERYTHING (I’m new to the PC world) so that all the programs/apps I have/use are also affected and some in a bad way. I pretty much changed all my colors to black background with white text and red, dark red buttons. Bringing up my AV window will change it’s color almost the same, background is black but there’s different color text and buttons. Google page (Firefox) has black background, white text but there is blue (bold?) text that stays the same in High Contrast (any setting) or default standard color scheme, BUT in High Contrast the blue text bleeds into the black background and looks fuzzy, also in Firefox browser “new tab” where you are supposed to see pinned sites or frequent sites in multiple windows below the search bar the windows images are empty, just a red outline of the window and the site name/address inside at the bottom of each window.
    Don’t mind the black bg in other apps but all the other things are a real let down. Plus I already use dark add-ons for Firefox. Is there any way to have HC mode in the system UI ONLY but have every other app/program function normally and in their default state?

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