List of PCs that support Windows Hello in Windows 10


  1. Windows 10 is similar to Mac OS x 10.10 since I found many features which are almost similar.

  2. Vinod, that’s just great. As if MS’s plan to use their civilian base as update beta testers for their corporate clients was’nt enough (it was),now I have another reason not to switch to Win10. Really wish someone at Redmond would push for a lean,mean OS that does what an OS needs to do, and does it well with rock-solid reliability and security and let the user bolt on the accessories and programs they want. Call it WinBasic, or WinCore, or heck, call it Fred. Now that’s something I would pay good money to get. Sorry, but 10’s looking more and more like another bloated MS POS. Never thought I’d say it, but man do I miss Bill Gates.

  3. wowwwwwww.i rather wish was in star trek and you computer ^ _ ^.I have a MEDION AKOYA and has windows 10 on it see july 29

  4. Hi (Hola) Alberto,
    I’m wondering when I upgrade to Wins 10 will it include a new registry??? I ask because my Wins 7-64 registry has a few corrupt files and I have been told that if I update to Wins 10 that I could have problems and issues. I have checked my PC with the supplied Windows Upgrade (Get Windows 10) in the “notification icon area” and it tells me that all is good but I’m just not sure about the registry issue. Do you have any info on this issue??? I have contacted Microsoft but have not received a concrete answer….
    George, Puerto Rico

  5. I have to be very honest mi computer Knowledge is t that years of Experience

    when windows 8 came out as a upgrade way I format windows way I install windows

    I delete current windows.start fresh again.

    way windows 10 goes as fair I understand is trough iso image and your code

    get same go trough install as other windows

    I do not know how upgrade goes or is like from 8 to 8.1 trough the store

    give you few software its free portable try to clean your computer

    perhaps will help you

  6. I installed Win 10 last Wednesday the 29th. I had to get the ISO since the Win 10 app didn’t seem to be working. DON’T uninstall you old OS and install a fresh Win 10. I tried that and it installed fine but wanted a KEY. I tried my Win 7 key but it didn’t work. I googled the problem and found this: “In order to activate Windows 10 you must upgrade from a previous qualifying operating system that is genuine and activated: this includes Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 Insider Previews.”. I had to reinstall Win 7, update it to SP1 and activate it. I then installed Win 10 from Win 7 and it worked. Win 10 is running and activated.

    If your Win 7 is really messed up you might want to do a fresh install before upgrading to Win 10. Make sure SP1 is installed and re-activate the new install. I forgot to re-activate Win 7 and 10 kept asking for a key. Once I re-activated it didn’t.

    Tip: Use Daemon tools lite(free) to create a virtual DVD from the ISO. It will install much faster than from an actual DVD.

  7. Hi Sander,
    Activate through Settings – Accounts – Sign-In options.
    If setup Windows Hello! is not visible, check hardware installation (Device Management).

  8. This really stinks! I had windows 8 on this laptop and was able to log in using face recognition. I “upgrade” to Windows 10 and apparently don’t have a fancy enough camera anymore. That’s not cool considering it’s the same exact camera Windows 8 used to recognize my face!

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