Remove Task View button from Windows 10 Taskbar


  1. I have issue with Task View. I need to disable completely the Task View & can’t find anyway to disable. Reason to disable necause have issue for Touch Screen & sometimes the Task View activate intermittent without any reason. Everything already disable but the issue still appear.

    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit.

  2. I want to get rid of the task view. I read all the stuff on the net. Everyone says right click on an empty space on the task bar . You get what you showed above. I do not get what you showed above when I right click on an empty space on the task bar.. There are only three items show up. One is to show app icon. Second one is show notification items and third one is to show the keyboard bottom. I hate task view. I want to remove it. I tried everything. I could not do it. I hope some one will help me. Thank you

  3. what you guys are looking is “activity history ” if you want to clear it then you can do it by going to settings–>privacy–>activity history. just click on it and there you will find all the options

    1) whether you want to save it or not (both check box given for pc and for cloud)

    2) “clear” activity history

    i am sure this is what u people are looking for

    check it now
    Hemant lohmorh

  4. You forgot 1 thing. For those who are still looking for the answer, you won’t find “privacy” in the settings on the bookmarks bar. In order to find the settings, first click on “start”, which is the windows logo on far left side of taskbar. Only after you click “start” can you follow the info that Hemant Kishor Lohmorh provided.

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