Disable Cortana Search Box in Windows 10 taskbar


  1. I have done every thing it says to disable cortana, and it STILL shows up. I’m using an HP laptop that requires two fingers to scroll, and while I am scrolling. The cortana search constantly pops up, it is intrusive and annoying. If I could downgrade back to windows 8, I would.

  2. You can revert to windows 8. I have done it. To do it open Start menu, select settings. In the Settings app select Update & Security. Then Recovery. And then you should see an option to “Go back to Windows X”. I’ve done it myself. I find Windows 10 unstable. I’ve found my IDEs crashing for no reason. The OS using excessive amounts of memory. Windows 8.1 more mem efficient. As well as the whole privacy fiasco making it a headache that is just not wanted in my eyes. I want to use Windows 10 to be productive. Not spending every two minutes figuring out why this new features simply doesn’t work when it has in windows 8.1. Good job microsoft, sadly not good enough in the eyes of developers.

  3. I’m sorry, my excitement was premature. It still pops up & when trying to disable it by going to task bar & right-clicking it, go to search; it does not show a “Disable” feature, it only shows a “Hidden” feature, a “Show Search Icon” & “Show Search Box” features, & as I thought by clicking-on to the pin it to task bar would keep it from popping-up every time I use my mouse or scroll with my mouse.

    So there is “No” Disable feature on there!!! This is so frustrating! Does anyone know who to keep the “Search Windows Box” from Popping-up/open??? Even now while typing this it has opened up 2 times!

    I would really LOVE a “Disabling” it “Instructions”! If anyone knows how to do this I’d be Soooo Very Grateful To YOU!

    I was able to disable Cortana however! Thank you for that! And Thank YOU In Advance Anyone For Helping Me With “””DISABLING THE SEARCH WINDOW – POP-UP BOX!”””

    ~ Peace

  4. I have been looking all over the internet and cant find an answer. I’m hoping someone can help. Is there away of stopping the search with in the start menu. I have removed Cortana, the web search and the search from the task bar. i just need to remove it from the start menu. Many thanks.

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