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Mail and Calendar integration with Cortana not working

Mail and Calendar integration with Cortana not working

Cortana was launched with emphasis on its tight integration with the Windows Mail and Calendar apps. This integration has been one of the highlighting features of this Personal Digital Assistant. But some users have reported that the Mail and Calendar […]

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana voice commands to control Windows 10 PC

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is one of the best features of Windows 10. Cortana is very similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, it can perform a variety of functions like open an application, search for files, check the weather, […]

Cortana Web View not working

Cortana Web Preview not working on Windows 10

One of the prevailing issue after Windows 10 v1903 upgrade is that the Cortana Web Preview is not working as expected.  Microsoft has replaced the unified search where you don’t need to use Cortana any more. However, Cortana still has […]

Voice Activation Troubleshooting

Voice Activation Troubleshooting in Windows 10

One of the smarter things Microsoft did with Windows 10 is to separate Cortana from Search. Cortana is now strictly a voice assistant. It was bound to happen because not everyone uses Cortana, and then it also paved the way […]

Cortana not connecting to the Internet on Windows 10

Cortana is one of the most sophisticated of AI assistants in the market. However you may at times face issues with Cortana, one of which is that Cortana doesn’t connect to the Internet- even though you can access the Internet […]

Cortana Search Bar Turned White

Cortana Search Box turned white on Windows 10

The Black Theme is one of the favorite themes of Windows 10 users, and if you see anything which is white it gets annoying. Take a case of Taskbar which is usually dark, but when you look at Cortana search […]

Cortana can't hear me on PC or Xbox One

Cortana can’t hear me on PC or XBox One

Cortana, Microsoft’s smart assistant is available both on PC and Xbox One. It offers various voice commands, but basic, you can use to manage Windows 10 PC and Xbox. As it works over voice, you need to Headset or Kinect […]

Clear Cloud Data of Cortana in Windows 10

Delete and Remove all Personal Data from Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana is the defacto personal assistant Windows 10 comes with, and its used for many things apart from using it for search. That said, Microsoft also collects data from Cortana to improve the user experience. It includes voice, interests, and […]

Windows 10 Cortana voice not working

Cortana voice not working in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Cortana is the company’s digital assistant system designed to compete with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and all the others out there. Now, because Windows 10 Mobile is near-dead in the water, we can’t be certain how many folks […]

Cortana Show Me app offers a visual guide for using Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out a new app for Windows 10 users which gives you a visual tutorial and offers step-by-step guides which are easy to follow by anybody. Powered by Cortana, this Cortana Show Me, offers common tasks tutorials right upfront including changing […]

What’s new with Cortana in Windows 10 v1803

Windows 10 v1803 changes the way you were interacting with Cortana. Even though it is available to all Windows 10 users right from the setup, it wasn’t getting much use. This update integrates Cortana with Action Center, and other places […]

Make Cortana perform custom tasks on Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users execute similar tasks every day, and while there is a way to execute those tasks every day using the inbuilt Task Scheduler in Windows, its even better if you can execute commands with your voice. This […]

Apps that work with Cortana

List of Apps that work with Cortana Voice Commands

Starting with Windows 10 v1709, Cortana got many new features which also included an option for developers to let Cortana invoke the apps, and pass commands. If you use Cortana on a daily basis and would love to have hands-free […]

Windows 10 Cortana Ask Me Anything not working

Cortana is one of the most popular features in Windows 10. And no doubt it is one of the best Artificial Intelligence based personal assistants. You can easily access Cortana in Windows 10 from the Start Menu or the taskbar. […]

How to change the name that Cortana calls me

Cortana, the cloud based personal assistant, works on all your Windows devices, but the range of features depends on the version of Cortana and the device you are using. Cortana, the virtual assistant, calls you with your name. It’s the […]

New features in Cortana on Windows 10 v1703

Microsoft gave another edge to Windows 10 with new features and enhancements, dubbed the Windows 10 Creators Update. With major upgradations to Cortana and Windows Ink, new 3D apps, VR capabilities, an e-book reader, new gaming features and better security […]