Task View or Virtual Desktop in Windows 10: New feature


  1. Your reference to VDI may confuse many readers regarding the terminology. VDI is “Desktop Virtualization”, while the Windows 10 feature is a “Virtual Desktop” (see e.g. both terms on Wikipedia). The two concepts are almost 100% different!

  2. I really like the new features such as Snap Assist, Virtual desktops, and search button on the taskbar. But I am very accustomed to the Windows 7 and do not want to change it. I am a long searched for a software which will allow me to enjoy these functions and finally found Actual Window Manager 8.3 , it’s amaizing!

    In addition to these functions, I received a lot of useful tools for everyday work!

    If you do not want to wait for the new Windous 10 or simply do not want to change your usual system, I recommend you to install this software!

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