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How to disable Your Phone linking feature on Windows 10

Your Phone is a big move by Microsoft. When they did not get proper traction from developers to build their own modern mobile application ecosystem, they started working on integrating the competitor devices. Started with replying to text messages from your […]

How to disable Windows 10 Active History permanently

Windows 10 introduced a new feature that helps a user to stay connected to their task across their devices. This feature was marketed as Windows Timeline. With this, the user could continue their task across Windows 10 computers as well […]

Storage Reserve in Windows 10

Reserved Storage in Windows 10 explained

‘Failed Updates’ comes across as one of the major issues plaguing Windows 10 users during its upgrade. It occurs when not enough free storage is available for the task to be completed. This is set to change as Microsoft has […]

FWS USB Driver Configuration

What is File Share Witness feature in Windows Server 2019

When a high-demanded service or website is hosted on a Server, they are usually designed such that there are multiple balancing nodes. These nodes make sure that when one node fails, there are other nodes which can take care. In […]

How to insert the degree symbol on Windows 10

As a Windows user, you may have noticed that many symbols that a user may need are not on the keyboard. One such symbol is the degree symbol. Many engineers or educators might need the degree symbol at various points […]

How to enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 10

The most popular way to put up some suspicious code running on a device is by tricking in the user to install a suspicious program on the targetted device. Lack of awareness among the user base regarding these kinds of […]

How to create Custom Views in Event Viewer on Windows 10

In the Windows operating system, we use Event Viewer to troubleshoot any of the computer problems. It is the most amazing tool that keeps logs about the system events and security events. It monitors for both the software and hardware […]

Install RSAT as Optional Feature in Windows 10

How to install Remote Server Administration Tools on Windows 10

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10 is a collection of programs for IT pro. It helps to manage Servers from a Windows 10 computer. Starting with Windows 10 v1809 aka October 2018 update, one needs to Install Remote Server Administration […]

How to reset Windows 10 without using the Settings app

The Settings app plays a very important role in fixing Windows 10 issues as it offers access to Troubleshooters, Reset function and more. If you want to Reset a Windows Store app or Reset this PC, you need to use […]

How to enable or disable Full-screen optimizations on Windows 10

Full-Screen Optimizations is a feature on Windows 10 devices that help them function better. It is enabled by default for applications like video players and games. When this feature is enabled, the gaming or video playback experience is enhanced by […]

Kiosk Mode in Windows 10

Kiosk Mode offers a wizard experience on Windows 10

Kiosk Mode in Windows 10 is not new. If you have seen Windows Desktop on TV screens on the Airport or railways station, and even when printing your boarding pass, they all use this mode. The purpose of the Kiosk […]

Enable / Disable SwiftKey Suggestions in Windows 10

How to enable or disable SwiftKey suggestions in Windows 10

Microsoft acquired SwiftKey a few years back. This was then rolled out for iOS and Android versions earlier this year. The good news is that it has now been seamlessly integrated with Windows. Starting with Windows 10 1809, you can […]

Windows 10 v1809 features

New features in Windows 10 v1809 October 2018 Update

Microsoft will start rolling out next major feature update for Windows 10 next month. Called as Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Windows 10 v1809 brings in a plethora of new features and improvements. In this post, we are talking about […]