How to customize Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 10 taskbar in many ways is the same when compared to other versions of Windows, but there are a few new things Microsoft brought to the table to make it unique. The main uniqueness is Cortana, as it sits on the task bar. While we are in love with the default look of the Windows 10 taskbar, there might be some folks who would prefer to give it a different look. That’s why we’re going to show you how to customize the Windows 10 taskbar to fit your needs.

Customize Windows 10 taskbar

Customize Windows 10 taskbar

Here’s the thing, there’s no need for the use of third-party tools when customizing the Windows 10 taskbar, so we’re not going to travel down that route. Also, the tips we’re about the share are basic and no doubt most tech savvy users will have already known about them. But not everyone who reads The Windows Club are tech savvy, so bear that in mind.

Here are some ways to customize the Windows 10 taskbar.

Hide System Icons

System icons are placed on the taskbar to make them readily available to users. In Windows 10, the default ones are Action Center, battery indicator, Network indicator, the clock, and volume icon. For some reason, you might want these icons removed, so this is how to do it.

First off, you’ll need to venture into Settings by pressing WIN+I. Go to Systems > Notifications & actions. After that, click on the link that says, “Turn system icons on or off” and it should open a window that allows for turning off or on any system icon on the taskbar.

Hide Software Icons

Some users might realize that there are several software icons populating the System Tray on the taskbar. That’s a regular occurrence, but what if you want to have it removed? Well, follow the same instructions as above, but instead of clicking on “Turn system icons on or off,” click on “Select which icons appear on the taskbar.”

Make Icons Smaller

Some folks may have a plethora of software icons on their Windows 10 taskbar. Now, some folks might believe that removing the icons is the only way to solve the issue, but that may not be true. While you can always Pin or Unpin icons to add or remove them, by simply making the icons smaller, more space will be made available on the taskbar.

To do this, right-click on the taskbar, go to Properties > Use small taskbar buttons.

Relocate The Taskbar

Did you know it is possible to move the taskbar from the bottom of the desktop? Yes, you can. It is possible to move it to the top, to the left or even to the right. Just Right-Click on the taskbar, uncheck the Lock taskbar item and then drag and drop the taskbar to any side you want.

Need some more?

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These are not the only ways to customize the Windows 10 taskbar, but these are the ones you’ll likely want to do. Have more ideas, do share in the comments.

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