How to add a custom color for Windows 10 taskbar


  1. This doesn’t appear to work on the RTM version, a shame as the default blue color is really fucking annoying, light grey would of been a much better default color, could of at least given us the ability to turn it off or change colors in personalize but nope, MS are idiots.

  2. Mine (RTM) didn’t seem to change either. I see the Hex color code after reboot but my colors are the same. They really seem to darken the color you choose in Windows 10. In windows 8 I feel like I had a lot more control over silly things like the color of my UI. I hope someone comes out with a tweak for this. I use orange as my accent color and I end up with brown.

  3. Not work! Win 10 Home (upgrade from Win7 OEM). After reboot color the same as in app settings. So, how we can add a custom color to taskbar?

  4. Well you know you are using a poor OS when you cannot pick your own colour system from the start. Big fail Microsoft where is a colour wheel like in the old amiga days. The colour wheel was from the early ninths.

  5. Is there any way to get window title bars to change (as was added in the fall update) without it also changing the taskbar? I really like the black taskbar but can’t stand the white title bars that come along with it.

  6. apparently this blogger doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. and had no clue about how to use windows! FAIL.

  7. No such thing as ABGR. I can’t find anything online anywhere to confirm this. This format doesn’t seem to exist. There is RGBA….

  8. At the Registry Editor i do not see the SpecialColor thing at all! Might be because i am using a 64-bit computer…

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