How to create a folder without any icon or name in Windows 10

Something which has not been talked about much on the Internet is how to create a folder without any icon. We will see how it is done in Windows 10, but the procedure is the same in earlier Windows versions too.

Create a folder without any icon

Create a folder without any icon

Right-click on your desktop and create a new folder. In this case, I have named it TWC.

Next, right-click on the folder and select Properties. Click on the Customize tab, and then on the Change icon button, under Folder icons.


A new box will open. For your information, System icons are found at the following location:


Move the slider and browse to a blank icon from the list displayed and select it. Click OK and then Apply. See the image above.

You will see the icon disappear and just the name remain.

If this particular bank icon did not work for you, try some other blank icon.

Create a folder without any name

Once you have done this, follow this tutorial to create blank folder names.

You will see just a blank space! The folder will have become invisible to everyone. Click on it, and the folder will open.

Thus, you will have created a folder without any icon or name in Windows 10.

In case you were to forget the location of the folder on your desktop, press Ctrl+A to Select all, and you will see the folder selected and appear as follows:


If your laptop does not have a Numpad, this post will show you how to make blank folder names on laptops with no Numpad.


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  1. Marc

    Doesn’t work for me all it does is create a black square

  2. Try some other blank space. You may have noticed that there are 4-5 of them.

  3. Marc

    There are 4 in Shell32.dll and I tried all of them on 2 of my computers one running Win 7 and the other win 8.1 and all I get is a black square.

  4. Marc

    I think I found the problem. I started another of my computers running Win 7 and it actually worked I finally got the invisible icon. The only difference that I see is this computer isn’t customized so it shows the shortcut arrow and the “Shortcut to” text.

  5. Unsated

    I got it to work briefly, then after closing the properties tab it went black. Another time it stayed invisible and turned black on mouse over.
    Now it doesn’t work at all.
    Works great on a solid black background though 😉

  6. Inertia

    This process worked for Windows 7, but is not working in Windows 10. The icon goes blank, but as soon as I close the properties window it becomes a black square. This is not good if I don’t have an all black background. Any fixes for Windows 10? It would be greatly appreciated.

  7. This post was written based on my experience in Windows 10. It worked for me and the screenshots are of Windows 10.

  8. Hk- 747

    i believe screenshots are taken within a few seconds after applying blank icon. here it stays blank for a few seconds and turn into black bar. i’m not happy with poor replies to people in this website.i believe this one is just another fake tutorial. wasted 5 seconds of my life.

  9. Mike Jones

    Worked for me, but I can’t remember where the folder is stored, so I can’t find it anymore haha.

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