How to create a folder without any icon or name in Windows 10


  1. There are 4 in Shell32.dll and I tried all of them on 2 of my computers one running Win 7 and the other win 8.1 and all I get is a black square.

  2. I think I found the problem. I started another of my computers running Win 7 and it actually worked I finally got the invisible icon. The only difference that I see is this computer isn’t customized so it shows the shortcut arrow and the “Shortcut to” text.

  3. I got it to work briefly, then after closing the properties tab it went black. Another time it stayed invisible and turned black on mouse over.
    Now it doesn’t work at all.
    Works great on a solid black background though 😉

  4. This process worked for Windows 7, but is not working in Windows 10. The icon goes blank, but as soon as I close the properties window it becomes a black square. This is not good if I don’t have an all black background. Any fixes for Windows 10? It would be greatly appreciated.

  5. i believe screenshots are taken within a few seconds after applying blank icon. here it stays blank for a few seconds and turn into black bar. i’m not happy with poor replies to people in this website.i believe this one is just another fake tutorial. wasted 5 seconds of my life.

  6. Worked for me, but I can’t remember where the folder is stored, so I can’t find it anymore haha.

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