How to create blank folder names in Windows 10


  1. Hii sir,

    This is really a nice tricks to create blank folder names in Windows 8 and 7. I am going to try out it soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Very nice, Anand… I used this trick a long time ago (Win95, or maybe before that). The extended ASCII character set (hold down ALT + enter 0160 on your numeric keypad, then release it) date back to the old MS-DOS and early Windows days in the1980s. I had made many fancy batch files using the character set. LOL some old tricks still work today! Very nice…

  3. Sorry…i have made a big mistake! i tryed spacebar AFTER your trick, and it’s work 😉 so i was aking…sorry again 😉

  4. And you can give the folder a invisible icon, the icon is here %SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll

    The standard icon file you can see them as… yes invisible spaces 🙂

    It’s like make the folder hidden, without hiding it.

  5. You Can Also Create Black Folder Using Alt + 225

    You can also hide folder icon.
    Right Click Properties Of The Folder You Want To Hide
    Then Go To Customize Option
    Then Change Icon
    Then Select Any Empty Space.

  6. Enabling Num Lock with (Fn + NumLK) in my Asus Notebook and trying the above trick to create BLANK FOLDER NAME in Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (ie. Alt + 0160)doesn’t work. i think separate keyboard with separate Numeric Key pad is going to be needed. Any way, thank you for sharing the trick.

  7. jensenjs adds in the comments:

    You can give the folder a invisible icon, the icon is here %SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll. This way you can ‘hide’ the folder completely.

    How do I do this in windows 8.1 ? Make it an invisible icon?

  8. It´s not working for me. I press the space bar to remove the name and press Alt and 0160 and either press enter or click somewhere on the screen and nothing happens. =-)

  9. This is great, but it will only let you do it for one folder. How do you get many folders that have no name on it? Is there other codes you can press?

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