Set Google search as Default Search in Windows 10 taskbar search

The latest build of Windows 10 comes with a lot of improvements and enhancements. For instance, you find in Windows 10 a new Search Bar that is very much similar in function to the Windows 8 Search bar in the charms bar but resides on the taskbar. It even allows you to search in Windows, Web and new Cortana interface. But the problem that lies with it, is that this search option uses Bing Search as the default option, and does not allow you change it if you wish. There is no option in Windows 10 to use Yahoo, Yandex, Google or any other search as your default search to  search the web instead of Bing. In this post, we will see how to make Google the default search for your Taskbar Search box in Windows 10. The trick would be to set Chrome as your default web browser and use an extension to direct Bing queries to Google Search.

UPDATE: Microsoft changed something and it does not seem to work now.

Set Google as Default Search in Windows 10 taskbar search

If you are a Google Search user and would love to search the web right from the taskbar or Start using Google instead of Bing as your web search engine, follow the steps below to make Windows 10’s taskbar or start search box show web results using the Google search.

The first requirement here is to download and install Google Chrome browser on your version of Windows 10. Once done, set Chrome as the default web browser. To do this, open Settings app in Windows 10 and navigate to System.


Scroll down to find Default apps option. Chose Edge to reveal other options (Google Chrome) in this case and set it as default.

Default Apps

Now, open your Chrome browser. Go to the Chrome Web store and search for Bing2Google extension. Once found, install it. Bing2Google is an extension that redirects search queries from Bing Desktop to Google. This only works if Chrome is your default browser.

So now when you search using the taskbar, your default Chrome browser will open and the Bing search query will get redirected to Google.

The extension is available here.

Want to make Cortana search with Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo in Windows 10?

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  1. genetics73

    Yet another unwelcome ntrusion from Google, the HYDRA of the Internet.

  2. Zach Greggs

    Unwelcome? More than welcome. Bing is the single most worthless web search in history, replacing it with something that actually works is a very welcome option.

  3. Mr. D

    Google rules the web indexing with their robots. Google is the only web search service for me.

  4. Douglas

    Google is the dominant search engine, but I won’t be switching for a glitchy unappealing program such as BING. Give me a better option.

  5. Ryan Bonito

    genetics73 Yet another FAIL

  6. penguinman

    There’s also alternatives that redirect to DDG or Yahoo. Giving users a choice is never an “intrusion.”

  7. dragonloverlord

    I think this is a wonderful thing for people who would rather not use Bing!!!

  8. Yassin Zaynoun

    My favorite browser is opera and favorite search engine is google can I combine them ?

  9. YS

    Doesn’t work

  10. I tried ALL of the directions 3 times and unfortunately it still hasn’t changed to opening google search. It still opens Edge and bing even though it’s not the default. Any suggestions?

  11. Stas Ostrouhov

    Same outcome, there are any ideas? It seems that Microsoft has changed something.

  12. Ray

    Isn’t working for me… still opens edge bs

  13. Charlie_Jackpot

    Not working for me

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