How to activate and use Tablet Mode in Windows 10


  1. Now if only they would fix tablet mode not to display the useless taskbar and start button at the bottom of the screen making full screen application unusable (do any Windows tablets exist without a hardware start button for use in tablet mode?).

    To add insult to injury you cant even use the built in e-mail application in tablet mode as the accounts window does not fit on the screen if you have a normal 7″ or 8″ tablet with a 1280×800 screen.

    Plus who wants a taskbar to be displayed at the bottom of their presentation, slide show or Film.

    On the positive side it is really easy to toggle tablet mode on and off 🙂

  2. First comment got deleted..
    There’s a 3rd party app for auto-hiding the taskbar in tablet mode which also allows the taskbar to auto-appear in desktop mode. Free trial too. Just search for Nibbler Apps.

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