Forget Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 10


  1. Thanks! I had to reset my my router and could not figure it out. Thanks for the guide to help people fix this issue.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I was looking for a way to update my wifi-settings after changing the password on the router. This is an example where I totally loose trust in Microsoft. Why make something that should be easy and intuitive so hard to find? The person in charge for this user interface at Microsoft should be fired immediately. How come these settings are not available right in the wifi-setting when clicking the wifi symbol in the task bar? Maybe somebody should send them an Android phone to show them how it should be done?

  3. Thanks for the information. Settings should be straight forward and easy. RIP user friendly microsoft. 🙁

  4. My laptop automatically connects to BTphone and It is not on the list of ‘known networks’ therefore I cant forget it. So what’s the solution?

  5. You have got to be kidding me.. that’s where they put the “FORGET NETWORK”. Nearly 100% of regular users cannot connect to their WIFI network IF: they ever changed the password, OR if they replaced their wireless wifi router.And the only fkng error they get is: unable to connect to network.. YOU FKNG idiot microsoft! Look how Apple does it in OSX!!! HOLY FK MAN!

  6. WTH did they change it anyway!!?? Used to just be able to right click on the network and be done. Now you have to go through all these steps. Dumb!

  7. I have Windows 10 and I do NOT have the screens you show. Everything right up to “Manage WIFI Settings” and on that screen I do NOT have the “Manage Known Networks” or the “Forget” option.
    Also when I tried the command to delete the profile it said I was not authorized yet I am the administrator of my machine (It’s a stand alone home notebook).

  8. Did you right click on the Cmd Prompt Icon and click on “Run as Administrator”? That should rectify the situation for you…..I hope….One never really knows with Windows 10. Wish I wasn’t past the 30 day download mark so I could easily revert back to Win 7 but since I’m past the date (and checked as sometimes the revert button is still there) I’d have to do a fresh install of Win 7 Pro and, well, time…time…time…I never have enough of it!!!! (like everyone else :0) Best of luck!

  9. Nichol,
    Yes I did it both ways. I would think I am administrator of my on home laptop but I ran it at the DOS prompt and then changed the DOS prompt to be run as administrator and both ways it did NOT work.

  10. I just uninstalled it yesterday and then reinstalled. I had to retype in the Wifi code for that. Do I necessarily have to do it to every single one?

  11. It does not work! I still have 13 networks that I don’t want when I click on the WiFi icon. Even the one that I clicked on “forget” is still on the list.

  12. That’s the reason all posts, about microsoft making unfinished products and taking money for it, are true.
    Even android phones have forget button at each wi-fi connection, you can use with one click.
    Every day at my work the wifi connection automatically changes password, so every morning, i have to go througth all those settings just to delete the connection and connect again. Instead of just forgeting it in one click.
    At least i haven’t updated my windows for a year. So still have possibility to delete them, as i see the last updates screwed that up for most users.
    Windows became worse than Android, and getting even worse. At least it still runs Java, bus is this for long?

  13. Run CMD

    A) At the command prompt, type the command below,
    and press Enter. Repeat this step for each Wi-Fi network you want to add.

    netsh wlan add filter permission=allow
    ssid=”WLAN name” networktype=infrastructure

    REPLACE “WLAN name” with the name of
    the network you want to retain. (ie: your own wifi network/s)


    Open CMD and paste in the
    following command:

    netsh wlan add filter permission=denyall networktype=infrastructure

    Hit ENTER and close CMD

    You will see that all the unwanted wifi networks
    will vanish from the list.

    Hope this resolves your problem

  14. Please held I get rid of two modems on my computer that I no longer needed now. I need to get rid of one. I’m on Windows 10 can you please tell me how to get rid of the last one. I can’t remember how .I did it and it’s interfering with the other one.

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