Network and Internet Settings in Windows 10


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  2. We have a Win10 PC with an Ethernet card and on the MB Ethernet. Both NIC’s show up in the device manager OK. However, in “Network and Internet” panel, there is No “Ethernet” on the left between “dial-up” and “proxy”. It is not there. Cannot see the internet. Please advise

  3. It’s a puzzle. Upgraded my PC Windows 7 to 10 using dial up connection. It went flawlessly. On completing the upgrade I tried to to get it connected using the same dial up connection mode. Well the windows showed that it was connected,but could not browse. Non of the browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, et all worked. In Windows 7 there is no such connectivity issue. Why is it that the so-called modern Windows 10 can’t do while older versions can do much better ? Perhaps MS is too busy taking care of such
    small matters (may be for them) but for users like me from rural areas lacking Broadband connection rely on dial up connections. Now without connectivity Windows 10 is useless. Welcome back, Windows 7.

  4. my windows 10 desktop has internet access on the same network I’m using currently but non of my browsers are working or my apps either. I believe I may have a virus attacking my DNS. Any suggestions on how to fix ect please reply. Thanks.

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