Windows Update and Security settings in Windows 10

Looking for Windows Updates in your Windows 10 PC? It’s not in the Control Panel anymore! Get onto to the Settings app to check the latest Windows Update and install them on your PC. In this post we will have a look at the Windows Update and Security settings and learn how to change and adjust the Windows Update settings in your PC, a bit more in detail.

Windows Update in Windows 10

You could type Settings in the taskbar search bar and click on the result or you could open it via Notifications in the right-side of your taskbar, by clicking on All Settings to open the Windows 10 Settings app.

Windows Update in Windows 10

Click on Update and Security link to open the following panel.Windows update

The Windows Update tab will show you the current status of your PC, whether it is updated or not. You can also check for the latest updates manually by clicking on ‘Check for Updates’.

The system will then start checking for the available updates and download it on your PC automatically. The updates panel also gives you the option to schedule the Restart. priyanka dress dil dhadakne do

If you want to choose how updates are installed in your PC, scroll down and go to the Advanced Options.advanced settings windows update

One notable feature here is that it gives Home users only two options under Choose how updates are installed.

  • Automatic (Recommended)
  • Notify to schedule restart.

You can Choose how updates are installed. Microsoft recommends choosing Automatic Update. In short, Windows 10 does not give you any choice! This is true for the home user. Enterprise users do however have an option, that lets then select when they want o download and install the Updates.

The other option in the drop-down menu is Notify to schedule restart. In Windows 10 Anniversary Update you will have to use Quiet Hours.

If you select Automatic Update, Windows 10 will regularly check for updates, download them and install them automatically. Your system will restart when you’re not using it. Updates won’t download over a metered connection.

If you go with the other option- You can schedule a time to restart to finish installing updates.

Under Advanced Options, you can now log in automatically after Windows Update if you enable the Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update.

Here, you will be also able to view your Windows 10 Update History.

Windows Update will work differently in Windows 10. There will be no Patch Tuesdays.

Microsoft has said it will use two different methods to provide updates: regular updates to normal users and periodic updates to users operating mission critical operations. Consumers will be delivered the updates and new features as soon they are available. Businesses will be able to opt-in to the fast-moving consumer pace, or lock-down mission critical environments, to receive only security and critical updates to their systems.

Next, you will see the setting Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows. It is always a good idea to check this option. You don’t want to to Delay Upgrades!2

Clicking on the View your update history will show you all the updates installed on your Windows 10 PC. Go to Choose how you download updates for more advanced settings and select your preferences.


Apart from Windows Update, the Windows Update & Security settings section also offers settings for Activation, Backup, Recovery, Windows Defender and Developers. let us touch upon on each, in short.

You can also download Windows Updates & Apps from other Windows 10 PCs. When this option is turned ON, your PC may also send parts of previously downloaded Windows Updates and apps to PCs on your local network or PCs on the internet, depending on what’s selected from the provided options.

See this post if you wish to learn about a workaround to turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10. You can also make Windows 10 notify you before downloading Updates. This post shows how to run Windows Updates from Command Line.

Windows 10 Activation


Here you can check your Windows 10 edition and change the product key if you want.


backup windows 10

You can add an external drive and create a backup of all your files here. Even you have created backup files in your Windows 7 PC, Windows 10 has an option to help you restoring them via Control Panel.



If by any chance you don’t like the updated Windows 10 OS, you can roll back to your previous build of Windows from here using a system image or a removable drive. The recovery option also gives you a chance to Reset your PC where you can reinstall Windows in your PC while keeping your files safe.

Windows Defender

windows defender

This section lets you configure Windows Defender settings and lets you turn on the real time protection, cloud-based protection, and sample submission. Scroll down and click on Use Windows Defender to check if your PC is well protected or not.

For Developers


As named, this option is only for developers and is linked to the official Microsoft website where developers can enable their device for development, and sideload apps.

Do let us know how you like the new Windows Update options in Windows 10.

Now take a look at the Windows 10 Privacy Settings too.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. PhotM

    Hi Anand,

    For your information, The Task Scheduler is once again running “Windows Defender” schedules successfully. I run Definition Updates once an hour and Type 1 scans every 6 hours as well as Type 2 scans once a week, same as on W 8.1.


  2. Thanks for this bit of information.

  3. Alberto Gorin

    i notice this.and thank you

  4. PhotM

    O.o I just realized I forgot to mention that this is on a fully up to date Build 10130.

  5. Paul Walz

    I cannot even find the start menu on my new windows 10 computer , trying to activate windows 10 just isn’t for the average joe as nothing is the same as xp!! HELP

  6. Press the white Windows flag button in the bottom left corner – on the taskbar, and the Start Menu will open. If you do not see it, see

  7. Brian

    This all sounds good. Except that I can’t launch Update and Security from the settings app. I have seen all the posts about not being able to launch settings. I even tried the microsoft patch but no luck. Has anyone else seen this. All the other apps within settings seem to launch fine.

    Shame really as this pc was upgraded only a week ago and the only thing I want update and security for is to roll it back to windows 7

  8. Momo

    When I click update and security it closes the settings…… .-. I hate windows 10…. can’t play cs go and now this and also wifi is not working so I have to plug in from the wire from the wifi… .-. MICROSOFT is not ready to release windows 10.. bad idea to skip windows 9… -.-

  9. tes1900

    It took a while to find a place that sells Apples but I finally did. Then when I can afford it will dump this microsoft piece of crap forever. I have been using windows since window 3 and now will switch forever because of microsoft’s trickery and deceit. I have been though a lot of microsoft crap through the years but this isx by FAR the worst

  10. UwasaWahya

    Every time Windows 10 updates I have a new set of problems. The one before todays update changed my PIN to log into Win10. I have never changed my PIN. So I had to use a password. That didn’t work so I used a friends computer to change my windows live PW, that didn’t work. after wasting my time with Tech Support I went through every PW I have ever used until I found one that worked. Well guess what Windows updated today and the PW I ended up using was not the one I used last time. I never wanted a PIN or PW to log into Windows but I did not have a choice. If I could afford an Apple I would buy one just to get away from Microsoft’s crappy operating systems.

  11. Keith Garrick

    My windows 10 won’t let me choose not to have automatic updates. I don’t want them as they shut down all my programs at the wrong time and I’d rather choose. What am I missing here?????

  12. Keith Garrick

    Thank you very much!!!

  13. franky noel


  14. Dianajewh Hoffmantjm

    Go to google search ” vanskeys ” to get windows 10 key.

  15. Rocko Zipzone

    i agree. if i could find an alternative for my programs, I would do the same. it sucks. everytime i open my computer there is an update it seems, and the more updates, the more this formerly computer slows down and i need it to be fast for the software to operate fast. it is not right and invasion of privacy as far as Im concerned. why does bill gates spend all of his money in africa? what doesnt he spend it on the terrible issues we have here in the US. Same way for the Oracle from Omaha. Our society has gone to hell and they monitor us like we all have ankle bracelets up our asses

  16. Tom Parlati

    Hi Anand! I installed the Creator update and am seeing many problems

    Would like to roll back to 1703 but can not access the settings function(security & update)
    Can you help?

  17. Mike

    I spoke to Microsoft on the phone and they told me that windows 10 home is not designed to permanently turn off windows update, but the following commands in cmd will turn off windows update permanently.
    Open cmd and run as administrator
    net stop bits [enter]
    net stop wuauserv [enter]
    Go to Cdrive, windows folder, software distribution, and delete download folder.
    Next, Windows folder, system32, and rename catroot folder. Restart pc. Done.
    I don’t know if this actually worked because my pc would not boot up nor reset. As Microsoft is keeping secret on how to do a true factory reset, I had to reinstall windows 10 from a usb flash drive. Costing me money for a problem Microsoft caused and would not reveal the secret for a true factory reset nor refund the cost of the usb flash drive. I am now too scared to try again.
    Please do post and let everyone know if this works for you.

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