How to configure Windows Defender in Windows 10


  1. Will it work in a cloud environment as Panda Cloud Antivirus were signatures and updates are on the cloud so it don’t make a big negative impact on computer performance?

  2. I tried to turn off real time protection and cloud based protection, but they are all greyed out in Windows Defender Settings. How do I un-grey them?

  3. Defender’s settings are pretty sparse. How do I set it to scan within archives? To search for rootkits? Etc. MSE (which Defender basically is) used to have several options for scanning; Defender has next to none. Why?

  4. When i am turning on windows defender it is showing “to allow this app to run contact your security administrator to enable the program via group policy
    Pls help

  5. Win+X doesn’t have a “control panel” choice.
    This article is sorely out-of-date with the latest version of W10

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