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What is App & Browser Control in Windows 10 and how to hide it

The App & Browser Control in Windows Security on Windows 10 lists the options that are available for Windows Defender SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a feature that can protect your device from potentially dangerous downloads, websites or files. In this post, […]

Device Security in Windows 10

What is Device Security in Windows 10 and how to hide this area?

Windows Defender has now been integrated with Windows Security and it includes a Device Security section in Windows 10, which is meant to give you better insights into the security features integrated with your Windows device. In this post, we will explain […]

Enable Tamper Protection Windows 10

How to enable or disable Tamper Protection in Windows 10

Windows Security Team has rolled out Tamper Protection for all Windows users. In this post, we will share how you can enable or disable Tamper Protection in Windows Security or Windows Defender via UI, Registry or InTune. While you can […]

How to Add or Exclude an app in Exploit Protection of Windows 10

Malware often uses exploits to infect devices and spread. Exploit Protection feature in Windows 10 offer safety against malware by applying mitigation techniques on both the OS processes and on individual apps. If you are certain about the apps you […]

Error loading type library/DLL. Click help for more information about this problem

Windows Defender Error loading type library/DLL, 0x80029c4a

Windows Security allows you to manage quarantined items and exclusions. When doing so if you receive an error saying Windows Defender Antivirus Error loading type library/DLL, Click help for more information about this problem, Error code 0x80029c4a, then this post […]

Where are Windows Defender Offline scan logs stored?

You might be wondering if Windows Defender is capable of storing log files of the offline scan. Well, as far as we know, the popular anti-virus and malware scanner does not do such a thing, but there is something else […]

Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac

Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS for Enterprise

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a unified platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response. While it had been on Windows for a while, Microsoft is now making Windows Defender ATP for macOS as well. However, […]

Exploit Protection

What is Control Flow Guard in Windows 10 – How to turn it On or Off

Windows 10 built-in security feature – Control Flow Guard (CFG) is designed to combat memory corruption vulnerabilities. Control Flow Guard helps prevent memory corruption, which is very helpful to prevent ransomware attacks. The capabilities of the server are restricted to […]

Windows Defender Application Guard browser extension

Windows Defender Application Guard Extension for Chrome & Firefox

Time and again we face threats of several phishing and malware attacks while browsing web. This calls for a comprehensive solution to isolate potential browser-based attacks and deal with this rising menace. Fortunately, Microsoft has come forward with protection by […]