Windows Defender is turned off or not working


  1. first disable third party antivirus restart system and check windows defender services by cntrl+r –type services.msc—-right click on windows defender –property –status type—-select automatic—start services—-then go to control panel –windows defender click on it now it will open and update and scan your computer

  2. I get this message, I have Avira as my antispyware set in Action Center, yet I am only given the option to start or stop Windows Defender, How do I stop the nag at start up?

  3. Thank you Mr. Rajkumar for your input on this subject. It would seem apparent then, that Win 8.1 will not run any two AV programs at once? Is that part of this problem? I am also experiencing this on two PCs.

  4. I have Sophos so I just want that annoying window to pop up every time I start my computer. I want to have Windows Defender turned off.

  5. Windows defender wants me to scan it 2 or 3 or more times a day. I can scan it and it will tell me to scan it again in a few minutes. That need to be fixed. I have windows 8.1 I have been informed that I cannot delete it and reinstall it.

  6. In previous windows, Defender had an icon in the system tray. How do I get Windows 10 defender to show on the system tray?

  7. i just upgraded to windows 10 and now it shoes that defender is turned off. if i try to open it to turn it on, it wont open up. i havent installed any third party antivirus. help plz…..

  8. What if WinDefend in services.msc is missing? I restored its setting via .reg but solved another issue (regedit in read only mode. Sometimes “windows paths are mysterious” XD)

  9. I had Microsoft Security Essentials on mine and couldn’t get Windows Defender to come on or even start. So I deleted MSEssentials and pow Windows Defender popped up finally. Guess I have to get antivirus software online now. Tried fixing whatevers ailing my Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit Home Edition which was upgraded from Windows Vista and maybe XP later on and hopefully this helps. Have been having the blue screen coming up a lot more now talking about turn off disk cache or shadowing type deal. Can’t figure it out. Seems to be every so often after upgrading I get this issue or something else. Then had to install a fix it patch the other day till they get a new update out to fix whatever the problem is. My keyboard has been acting funny for months now and even my mouse. Have run every type of scan I could and still trying to fix it. Bought System Mechanic Pro and tried using it and it seemed to help temporarily and then back to these issues again.

  10. This club is deliberately exclusionary. Telling a home PC user, who does not have a technical background, to “open a command shell and “re-register the following DLL files…” is equal to MicroSoft saying to the world at large “although we are the most-used OS system in the world, used by millions of home PC users, & we have marketed ourselves as such for over 25 years, we have now decided to design our new OS so that ONLY a PC engineer who “just” happens to be a VP of Microsoft, and other users of equivalent PC engineering background, can actually make use of our Windows 10 Defender product.”

    MicroSoft engineers, VP types, etc,– WHAT A FRAUD!!! What started out as a pleasant experience 3 days ago after purchasing a very low-end ACER Aspire PC for home use only, limited to web-surfing, word-processing and e-mail (I don’t even use Facebook or most other social media products) is now turning into a nightmare!!
    Thanks for nothing, & and I wonder who will have the INTEGRITY to respond (forget courtesy & honesty–those are values left behind in the last century.)

  11. what worked for me:( prompt as admin) you write: sc start WinDefend enable (press enter and restart)
    worked for me !
    Found in a microsoft community in portuguese

  12. I’m with on this. I used to be fan of Defender but then my laptop went down under all the junk from Internet Defender ignored as a threat. After turning Defender off I installed BitDefender and it found 42 threats of various level of risk. Trojans, adware, spyware and other junk. I liked Defender for it’s good integration with Windows. I like built-in software but defender failed so badly so no more. Ever since BitDefender and my laptop is happy and virus-free.

    Microsoft claims Defender to be “base line” protection but in case of Defender I think put word protection and Defender in one sentence is a crime. You can’t take it even as base-line protection.

  13. I’ve installed Windows 10 on a new, relatively small SSD drive. Because of space limitation, I chose my 750GB HDD to contain most programs, therefore I set the program files folder to “D:Program Files”, while C: remains my OS drive. Because Windows Defender relies on registry keys which call “C:Program Files”, (not directly but as a system variable – %ProgramFiles%) it did not work. I then copied the folder C:Program FilesWindows Defender and it’s content to D:Program FilesWindows Defender is and it solved the problem.

  14. Glad you could solve your problem. JFYI, Microsoft does not support changing the location of
    the Program Files folder. It states that if you change the location of the Program Files
    folder, you may experience problems with some Microsoft programs or with
    some software updates.

  15. Not useful. Not helpful. Russians shutoff my defender and put in some Russian Kremlin Group mode that I don’t have access to as an administrator of my own computer. They all learned hacking from the NSA and Dr. Evil AKA Mr. Clapper, himself. Just to be fair. Windows needs a “Restore My Defender Now” One Click address. If Russians and their Criminal Mastermind, the Evil Mr. Clapper can do it one click, why the F**K can’t Microsoft???!!!

  16. No one is going to take the time or effort to “re-register” a whole bunch of cryptic DLLs to get Windows Defender working again. Microsoft NEEDS to automate this process and the sooner the better. Wayne.

  17. Hello,

    I lost my windows defender functionality (anti-virus and anti-spyware) and unable to restart it. I know this is because of a malware problem, I’ve tried to remove it, but unable to do so. I tried to edit registry values, running command prompt as admin and tried to start service by typing “sc start windefend enable”
    I get an error ” windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source”
    Now, is there any way I can fix this without having to wipe everything and reinstall windows? Somebody please help! I’m a novice in these things but I still followed all the steps mentioned in this article and tried all the methods Nothing worked.
    PS: REG_DWORD values for “DisableAntiVirus” & “DisableAntiSpyware” are Zero. I tried editing them, even with regownit app, it failed to edit those values.

    The article is Very well written and easy to follow. But, my issue is not solved. Can Anybody help me please?

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