Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643


  1. I manually updated latest defender definitions using update mini tool and no pb .
    That said I ‘m still using build 14393.222 and stopped windows updates for now . :p

  2. Not great though when you don’t know if it is actually working right or not though. This time it seems a more serious issue.

  3. Just seems that every update Microsoft makes to Windows 10 it brings in more bugs than ever. Check in the reliability monitor to see though if it is listed as a ‘failed update’ or not as mentioned in the article.
    I did a manual update and it shows as a failed update which is why I am left wondering if the AV is up to date or not.

  4. If I use the Windows 10 update manager i get the error messeage,
    but if I open Windows Defeneder and go to the update there, everythings work fine .
    Not the hardest workaround:)

  5. Check in the ‘reliability monitor’ as I did when the problem started. It shows ‘failed updates’. At the time of writing this 5th April it seems that Microsoft has at least now sorted the problem very quickly. I wonder why…. Is it user power winning?

  6. I thought last Friday this was something I’d done (upgraded to 1703 build and was reconfiguring some things). Although it’s a problem I’m glad I’m not alone. Still doing it this morning

  7. If Windows 10 was a car we’d have taken it back for a refund ages ago. Microsoft at the moment are saying Windows Defender is the best thing in it for a secure PC. However when we know it isn’t quite as good it’s worrying as a lot of non-tech users need it to be reliable. I just wish Microsoft would be more honest when there are problems and let users know about it via social media, etc. I am advising older people I help to grasp the basics of computing to use Avast or AVG free versions now on their computers.

  8. Are you 100% sure it is updating and the error message isn’t telling the truth that the update failed? The error message seems to happen just after Defender says it has updated and not before…

  9. That’s the part that concerned me when I found the problem. Had it actually updated Defender or not…

  10. Slightly concerning to say the least. I was getting error with Windows update, manual update and using the “%PROGRAMFILES%Windows DefenderMPCMDRUN.exe” -SignatureUpdate as well

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