How to Run Command Prompt as an Administrator

A small tip on how to run your command prompt as an administrator or in other words, open an elevated command prompt, in Windows 7 or Windows 10/8. We have seen how to launch Command Prompt, and carry out many tasks. But some tasks required elevated privileges to be run. In such cases you have to open an elevated command prompt window. So let us see how to launch, run or open Command Prompt as an administrator or an elevated CMD with administrative privileges & rights in Windows 10/8/7.

Run Command Prompt as Administrator

In Windows 7, follow these steps:

Type cmd in Start search.

In the results, you will see ‘cmd‘.

run cmd as admin

Right-click on it and from the context menu select Run as Administrator.

In Windows 10 and Windows 8, follow these steps:

Take the cursor to the bottom left corner and right-click to open the WinX menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin) to open an elevated command prompt.

So you see, things have been made easier in Windows 10/8.1.

There are other ways to open an elevated command prompt:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager. Click on File menu > Run new task. To open a command prompt window, type cmd. Remember to check the Create this task with administrative privileges check-box. Then hit Enter.
  2. You can also open an elevated Command Prompt from the Task Manager using CTRL key.
  3. Or then simply open the Start Menu or Start Screen and start typing the command line. Next, hold the Shift and Ctrl keys, and then hit Enter to open the command line in an elevated command prompt.

If you want, you can also pin Command Prompt with Admin rights Tile to Windows 8.1 Start Screen.

Now see how to open an elevated PowerShell prompt in Windows 10.

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