Error 0x80508020, 0x800705b4 for Windows Defender


  1. Hi I cant find windows defender in regedit
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows Defender

    it only shows





    System Certificates


    Windows NT

    Next should come Windows Defender but it is not there

    I am trying to fix Error code – 0x800705b4

    Any help would be appreciated

    Regards Dave

  2. ^^ If the Windows Defender key is not there, you can create it manually using right click on the Microsoft key and navigating New -> Key. Then you can create the DWORD in the right pane as indicated in the article 🙂

  3. The most common reason for both these error is remnants of previous antivirus. If instead of removing those remnants we follow your steps then it will surely lead to a conflict and will cause system instability.

  4. ^^ Exactly, in fact most of the users face issues with Windows Defender if they give a try to third-party antivirus. They mess up the things. I suggest everyone to keep their faith in Windows Defender and rely upon it 🙂

  5. So what about adding on the top to first run removal tools of previous antivirus first and if it doesn’t help then they should follow the given steps.

  6. When I go and try to run Windows Defender, it comes up with the following warning:

    “This app is turned off by group policy.

    If you’re using another app to check for malicious or unwanted software, use Action Center to check the app’s status.

    To allow this app to run, contact your security administrator to enable the program via group policy.”

    However, I am running the program as administrator, and from Action Center, it doesn’t let me enable Windows Defender. What is this group policy issue?

  7. could I get really clear simple instructions on creating the DWORD? I don’t see Windows Defender either in the Registry (per Dave above). If I create the folder Windows Defender in the left, then what do I do to get DWORD in the right?

  8. Hi, I have the same problem with the 705b4 error code and when I tried to do as you instructed I couldn´t find Windows Defender in the registry editor. Under Microsoft I found Windows and Windows NT but no sign of the Defender. Where can it be and how can I find it?

  9. hi
    i am facing a problem regarding my windows defender it is generating an error that real time protection is turned off , i am using windows 8
    i have applied all the above solution you told but there is no postive effect it is generating an error 0x8050800d
    please help me in this regard as soon as possible

  10. hi again
    whe i am opening windows defender its saying that real time protection is turned off andgiving an error of 0x8050800d and after clicking on the option TURN ON its generating another error of 0x800705b4
    please help me in this regard as soon as possible as my security is at risk

  11. ^^ Make sure you’re not using any third-party antivirus program on your system. If so, uninstall it. Also remove third-party software loaded on your machine. Run SFC /SCANNOW command at administrative Command Prompt and reboot the system to get things normal 🙂

  12. Hi, sorry – I am a little new when it come to windows 8 and not very good with computers. It will not let me delete the key nor will it let me switch from “0” to “1”.. This is extremely frustrating. This has to be something else. When I try to turn on real time scan this error code shows… 0x800705b4 0 time expired, etc, etc. Any ideas? Please and Thank you.

  13. Twice I went through this today by 2 different routes, yours was best 🙂 I don’t have an DisableAntiSpy… just the Default. What now? Thanks for your help. B

  14. Hello, I’m back again and I don’t see my question of last night. I went in to all the files and when I get to Windows, there is only Windows NT. NO, NONE at of Windows Defender! When I tried to get one from the internet, Windows would not let me. Any clue how maybe, I can restore the Windows Defender in its entirety? Thanks for your help! B

  15. Finally! Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really irritated because i cannot find a way to solve my problem.

    I followed your instructions as well as the follow-up instructions in your comments pertaining to creating a Windows Defender folder) but I had a hard time following your instructions since I’m not really aware of the other things involved here.

    One step i missed is deleting the Windows Defender in the


    It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what’s the next thing to do… READ and RE-READ and i got the answer. haha. Thanks!

    Anyhow, i have another issue in using windows 8 (my first W8 PC)
    I love the user interface and other features of it


    The responsiveness of the mouse is very slow/sluggish.

    Sometimes, i need to re-click an app in order to open it. I’m experiencing this many times since i bought this laptop 4 days ago.

    Oooooops, i missed something.

    Since I am frustrated awhile ago, I deleted all McAfee files in My Computer as well as the folder in

    Will it affect the PC’s performance? I don’t think so?

  16. Hi, I tried your fix but it didn’t work, it says that DisableAntiSpyware cannot be modified because of an error in the writing, but I did it correctly, as you can see on the pictures…



    (Sorry for my english, I’m French)

  17. This didn’t help me, I’m still getting the same error. Even after checking policies for the Windows Defender key and enabling full access for me

  18. The microsoft section is not there, so no windows defender folder!! what should i do??

  19. Thank you. It worked.. However I have a silly question. I edited as instructed and the Real time protection is now on, however is my Real Time protection REALLY on? I mean is it really working just like before? TIA.

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